October 1, 2017

Rachel Strella

Express Yourself

express yourself

Who has Eminem and Phil Collins back to back on their iTunes? This gal!

That might sound like an unusual pairing, but both artists resonate with me; both found release in their music.  For those who create, there’s an outlet of choice. For me, it’s writing. It’s cathartic to write blog posts, each week. Writing allows me to articulate the hundreds of passing thoughts in my brain and share it with my readers in hopes we can form a common bond or stronger relationship.  For my internet marketing partner, John Webster, he enjoys the process of creating – taking an idea or a vision and making it a tangible thing.  He doesn’t put himself on deadlines; he allows his creativity to take a natural path. His outlet is his mind. His canvas is the work he produces. My husband finds creative release in sports, mainly football. It’s a sport he played for 12 years and he’s loyal to the teams he’s followed for life. A generally quiet person, he can find his voice just by forming an analogy related to the game.

People relate to artists because they express themselves. Their message resonates with us because we are thinking or feeling something similar. Or, sometimes we just like the message. Other times, we are looking for something to believe in. I think we all have an inner artist, even if we haven’t found the outlet for expressing it, yet. I think this is important to find, particularly for small business owners and solopreneurs, because they are their brand. That message is their voice. It’s what will make them relatable to other people and enable them to build trust.

I’ve been on a mission to help people find their creative outlet. We live in a world with limitless opportunities for expression. Of course, social media plays a huge role in this distribution. I love that introverts can express themselves in memes or blogs; extroverts through YouTube videos. We have a platform to tell our story.

How do you express your inner artist?

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9 comments on “Express Yourself”

  1. My inner artist comes out in my writing as well, but it also comes out whenever I hear, read, or watch something that is really well made. Good work inspires me.

    And also....I have Whitney Houston, Pantera, 2Pac, Dean Martin, and Jason Aldean all on the same playlist, so you're not weird.

  2. Rachel: I am expressing myself through podcasting and blogging, together with photos on Instagram and tweets on Twitter, and sharing stuff on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

    My inner artist will come out in full in my forthcoming book series on tea.

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