LinkedIn for B2B Marketing: 4 Tips to Maximize Your Time

LinkedIn B2B leadsAccording to recent research,91 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn and 65 percent of B2B companies say they receive leads through LinkedIn (Marketing Charts).

By spending a few minutes a day on this professional networking site, you can significantly expand your reach and generate qualified leads.  Maximize your time with these quick tips.

Engage in groups. Pick a handful of the best targeted groups and strive to read and respond to group conversations weekly. It could be beneficial to set the email notifications, for those groups then read the conversations as they hit your inbox.

Recommend others. Take the time, occasionally, to write a recommendation – it’s a lost art thanks to the simplicity of endorsements.

Don’t just collect, connect! The relationship tab on the profile of your connections will be a handy tool for striking up conversation or sharing information with hot prospects. Showcase goodwill by sharing content relevant to their industry, offering a referral, or simply inviting them to have a cup of coffee.

Publish long-form posts. Showcase your knowledge and build credibility by sharing a post (similar to a blog) on LinkedIn. Once posted, your content becomes a part of your profile and it’s shared with your connections and followers. It’s a great way to expand your reach, as your long-form post is searchable both on and off of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn long-form publishing

Social media is a relationship-building tool, a means to establish or enhance relationships – and LinkedIn is no exception.  You may only need a few minutes – but make them count with conscious, thoughtful effort.


  1. Linked in tottaly professional site that make professional to connect each other and share their idea smoothly.

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