September 21, 2014

Rachel Strella

Social Media: Goals That Get Results

No matter what the business or industry, I can usually expect that prospective customers will ask me about the results we’ve experienced with our clients.

About half of these inquiries are people looking for monetary results, in which case I educate them about the factors that could potentially lead to conversion including operations, marketing and commitment.

With the remainder of the inquiries, I share the kinds of non-monetary results we can help our clients achieve such as driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness and expanding their reach. I’m including a few examples of these kinds of results to give you a simplistic and realistic idea of how social media can help a business to achieve its marketing goals.

Goal: Build Audience/Increase Reach
Puppy Cake, a Pittsburgh-based dog treat business hired us last year to help them build their audience and expand their reach. We decided to partner with a local non-profit named Biggies Bullies. Puppy Cake agreed to donate .10 for each time the hashtag, #PuppyCakeCares was used on Facebook and Twitter. Below is an example of how Puppy Cake faired in just one week on Facebook.

how to increase facebook reach

Goal: Increase Engagement 
Photos are always a popular way to spur engagement. Incorporating the human element, going behind-the-scenes, and simply having fun is a ‘win’ in social media. Below is an example from our client, The Victory Bank. Last month, the bank offered free ice cream in their lobby courtesy of a local business. They made the ice cream available for those who also used the drive thru-window. This photo is an ice cream bar in one of the drive-thru tubes. It was extremely popular when we shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

facebook photos that work

Goal: Drive Foot Traffic
Once again, photos can make all the difference. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, a photo such as the one we posted for Leaf Of Eve can help compel your audience to make the trip.

social media marketing to the consumer

Goal: Increase Website Traffic
There are ways to monitor keywords such as what we set up for our client, Maison International, using the keyword group, “apartments in NYC.” When the keywords are mentioned on social media, we are notified and can ‘join’ the conversation, especially on open channels like Twitter. Below is an example of how we connected with and directed a Twitter user to the clients’ website using this tactic.

nyc apartments

All of the examples mentioned in this post include organic, non-paid tactics to meet our clients’ goals.  There are times we utilize low-cost advertising options to help our clients achieve their goals. In fact, I may consider this for my next post.

What specific goals are you working to meet? 

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