September 16, 2012

Rachel Strella

“Outsourcing Social Media Gives Us More Time to Focus on Our Patients,” Says Client!

Every other month, we interview one of our management clients to ask them about their experience in social media. This month, we caught up with Batbayar Damdin of Tian Shi Acupuncture in Harrisburg. Be sure to check out their blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter handle, and YouTube channel.

There are many business owners who have their doubts about using social media. What is your take?

You absolutely need to give it a whirl! The majority of people use social media as a way to not only connect, but also to find credible businesses and/or others who share a certain passion, view, or way of thinking. Utilizing social media can help you keep current connections and develop new ones through social media “word of mouth.”

What made you decide to hire a social media manager? What qualities were you looking for?  

We were doing our own social media for a while but realized it was extremely time-consuming, but also changing constantly and we didn’t have the time or know-how to keep up with everything. 

When searching for a social media manager, we wanted someone who interacted well and respectfully with others, showed “heart,” and of course, had lots of social media knowledge. We also needed someone who could be sensitive to our needs as a medical facility and who would be willing to not only learn about our business, but understand the relationship we have with our patients and the delicate balance we need to maintain when interacting with current and future patients.

How have you been able to blend traditional marketing with online marketing?

Our traditional marketing (radio, TV, brochures, etc.) often points to our online marketing for further information about who we are and what we do.   

Tell us about your business and your industry, your experience with social media, and your thoughts on outsourcing the efforts.

I am a licensed acupuncturist and have been practicing acupuncture in the Harrisburg area since 1999. Being an acupuncturist, I address the whole person, not just the currently presenting symptom. While treating my patients, I look at building relationships with them which enables me to bring them relief not only of the presenting symptom, but from others that they may have dealt with for a long period of time. 

Although there may be an increase in the number of licensed acupuncturists in our community, the general population is still not well-educated about the benefits of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Due to acupuncture’s “alternative” status in the Western world, it is a painstakingly slow process to introduce the concept, provide education, and gain the trust of the general population to assist them in considering a healthcare option that may be foreign to them.

Outsourcing our social media efforts gives us more time to focus on our patients and their needs. We still educate and connect with our patients and others online who may wish to learn more about acupuncture and TCM, but we no longer need to worry about timing issues, gathering content, or the changing face of social media – it’s all done for us! 

Anything else you would like to add about your experience?

Strella Social Media has allowed us to feel confident that Tian Shi’s presence on the various social media sites is professionally prepared and monitored to meet the goals we established. It’s been a pleasure working with Amanda and Strella Social Media!

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One comment on ““Outsourcing Social Media Gives Us More Time to Focus on Our Patients,” Says Client!”

  1. Tracey Bond (BondGirlPenTerprises) - Certified Social Media Professional "This exhortive content is just what social media professionals need for understanding and articulating the value if their "outsourcing" services for companies/clients that aren't so ready to scuba dive into the ever evolu-trending social media marketing culture just yet!"

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