December 21, 2011

Rachel Strella

Our Favorite Christmas Memory

by Strella Social Media staff

Tyler, Santa, Stephanie and Amanda, 1994

Amanda Harrison, Marketing Manager:

My favorite Christmas memory is putting on our Christmas sweaters and going to Christmas Candy Lane to see Santa. We would always go to Hershey Chocolate World first and get the biggest chocolate bar my parents would allow. Then we would go into Christmas Candy Lane, ride rides and drink hot chocolate.  We would not want to leave till our little noses were bright red like Rudolph.

Anita Zook, Strategic Operations Manager:

My favorite Christmas memory is when my family would go out to “tag” a Christmas tree at the Tree Farm in the fall. Then go back after Thanksgiving to cut it down. We would go home and have hot chocolate while setting it up and decorating. 

Matt Hannaford, Relationship Manager:

Matt proposing to Erin, Christmas 2008

Every year at Christmas time…my best friend, Erin, and her friends from college would take a trip from Greenville, N.C. to Vanceboro, N.C., (about 45 minutes) to visit a house along the side of the road that set up a massive display of seasonal lighting and scenes throughout their large property. She and her friends had been going to “the lights” for several years and after deciding that I was going to propose I chose that as the place.

She set up the entire weekend trip from our apartment in Alexandria, Va., to Greenville. I hid the ring, and had to figure out an “excuse” to get my camera to one of our friends during our trip to the lights. I had him take a picture of us and attempted to propose - but like any guy who has proposed can tell you- the scene you play in your head and all of the words you planned to use completely escape your brain and you don’t really have much going on. Finally after finding the words I asked her to marry me and our friend snapped a few pictures.

John Webster, Honorary Team Member and Website Guru:

As a child one of my best Christmas memories was of course when I got my first computer. That's when it all began! Over 30 years ago, I got an electronic device that would change my trajectory forever. That computer gave me a way to learn and grow and build all sorts of wonderful things. 

Rachel Strella, Owner:

My family did not have much money, yet each year my parents tried to buy us a gift that we really wanted.  I’ll never forget the year I got my Jason® Telescope!  Despite their circumstances, my family always made our Christmas special. Christmas is the time of year when extraordinary things can happen!

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

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