November 11, 2011

Rachel Strella

Every Day Should Be Veteran’s Day

veterans day

While most are thankful during a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, I am thankful on Veteran’s Day. My Dad, a disabled Army veteran, is my hero. He believes in our country and he was willing to die to defend it. The military honor instilled in him carried over to our family life.

We had only a few rules:  honor our country, keep pushing forward, and put family first.

I’m proud of my Dad – and my grandfather – for serving our country.  I’m proud to be a member of the American Legion. I’m proud to be an American.  And I’m proud to have the opportunity to own a business.

It’s because of veterans that I have the freedom to own a business and chart the course of my life.

I also want to thank all the businesses and organizations that are generously offering discounts or giveaways to the veteran’s today.  I believe the veterans should be honored not just on November 11 but every day.

Please take a moment today to thank a veteran.  Then, make it a point to be thankful every day for the freedom we have.  Each day is gift. And each day of freedom is made possible by those who serve our country.

Thank you, Dad.  And thank you veterans.

Who are you are honoring today?

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6 comments on “Every Day Should Be Veteran’s Day”

  1. I honor my father also who is a Navy Veteran and my brother, who is currently active duty in the Navy stationed at the Pentagon, but deployed to Bahrain.

  2. I honor practically my whole family! My Mother has 2 brothers, one currently a retired Army Colonel who works as an attache in the UN in NYC, the other retired Air Force who is currently a Lawyer in Texas. Their father, my grandfather, is a retired Army Colonel who served in Vietnam and Europe during the Cold War. My father's brother is retired Air Force Lt Cmdr who works for aeronautical companies in Colorado. His father (my other grandfather), served after WWII in the army during the cold war and his brother was a bomber crewman who was shot down over the English Channel during WWII. Currently, my cousin is serving as a Sgt in the army in charge of repairing Apache and other helicopters.

    Needless to say, my family bleeds red, white and blue 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks for shring this, Andrew. You must be bursting with pride today.

      My Dad doesn't do the 'internet thing' so I just called him and read my blog to him.

  3. Thanks Rachel
    I have had the honor of spending my evening with veterans from the great World Wars to current military duty. They are amazing men and women of integrity, sacrifice and honor who have served us proudly.
    My respect and adoration of them is immense. I come from a military family and am a proud American. I support our military even though I and them don't always support the reasons we are engaged, that is what makes them even more incredible.
    Thank you to all our vets but most importantly to those soldiers who did not return to us, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you have all given to this country and to me. I will forever be in your debt for my freedom and way of life, may you always be remembered. God Bless America, may our flag forever represent who we are, what we believe and the freedom to believe it.

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