There’s No Crying in Social Media

Rachel Strella  -  May 17, 2015  -  , , , ,  -  No Comments
by Lauren Galli, #Strella Creative Director We live in an emotion-driven society, and at times, our emotions have the ability to cloud our judgment. We tend to go in one of two directions, we are either over-sensitive to others or completely insensitive. When considering a social media presence for your

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Unlock the Mystery of the Hashtag

Rachel Strella  -  May 10, 2015  -  , , , , ,  -  No Comments
Our customers and prospects are often confused by hashtags. Some are not sure what they are and some don’t understand how they can be useful.  In fact, one customer referred to a hashtag as a hashbrown. I’m sure he was being coy, but his comment speaks to the confusion of this

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We Live In A Magic Pill Society

Rachel Strella  -  May 03, 2015  -  , , , ,  -  10 Comments
Last week, a small business owner client told me that some of his participants in a service-based program reported frustration and disappointment in the end result. He was very careful to explain what this program can and cannot do for them – and he was sure they understood that his job was to position

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Social Media: Client Expectations vs. Reality

Rachel Strella  -  Apr 26, 2015  -  , , ,  -  No Comments
By Lauren Galli, #Strella Creative Director Famous musician, Frank Zappa said, “reality is what it is, not what you want it to be.”  In the social media management field, we are often forced to confront reality on a daily basis.  Our clients come to us with a grand vision for

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For Social Media Managers, Customer Service is Core

Rachel Strella  -  Apr 19, 2015  -  , , ,  -  No Comments
It’s been the ongoing assumption, a joke in part, that social media professionals spend their day ‘playing on Facebook.’  But, we know the truth, especially social media managers. An average day as a social media manager is often mundane – and much less glamorous than it sounds.  The majority of

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