AI Can’t Do This


There’s been a lot of talk about AI, machine learning and autonomous vehicles.  This technology is met with both intrigue and fear. In my industry, alone, robots will automate essential marketing tasks – including algorithmic writing. I’m sure my clients will sense relief if they can eliminate the time and effort it takes to develop blog posts.

A recent article in TechCruch suggests that for robots to function as we want, it’s important to study how humans work – what motivates us, our cultural and group norms, and conflict resolution patterns. This is sophisticated stuff.

However, I’m neither intrigued nor fearful – and here’s why.

The web is oversaturated with content and it’s increasing rapidly. Because of this, we advise our clients to discover what makes them unique in this crowded space. This will require them to find their voice and showcase the human element.

While my clients may be relieved that they can automate marketing functions, they can’t automate relationships – the essential know, like, trust factor. It’s for this reason, I will continue to advocate for humanizing your brand.

My most popular blog posts have more to do with sharing a personal story than offering social media advice. My post about surviving a car accident is one of the most read on my site – with over 11,000 hits.  Other top posts include how I worked with to navigate a Getty Images lawsuit and a personal and professional leap of faith.

That’s what makes my brand unique. While others in my industry are writing about the most recent Facebook changes, I’m writing about overcoming small business stress or navigating life changes.

Any good marketer will tell you to that the key to effective marketing is through an emotional connection. Unless robots become self-aware or clone us, I’m certain they will not replace human beings.

While a robot can write a blog post, a robot can’t replace personal life experiences – human experiences. No one has the same set of life experiences from your point of view. No one is YOU.


  1. Rachel: I hear you! Someday I would like to have you on my podcast show. I will then use an AI service called for the scheduling of our conversation. 😉

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