June 30, 2024

Rachel Strella

A Heartfelt Tribute to My Missing Bubby

missing cat

I lost my beloved cat, Eminem, whom I affectionately call Little Guy and Bubby, on the evening of June 8th. He escaped overnight through the downstairs window screen and has not yet returned.

Bubby is my fourth cat. I rescued him when he was a kitten, hungry and cold in the dead of winter. I fed him, provided shelter, and eventually trapped him. From that moment, I fell in love with him. I miss the mornings when he would walk into the bathroom, shaking his little tail, eagerly awaiting his Fancy Feast. His sweet greetings were a cherished part of my day.

I have posted about him on Find Toby on Facebook and the website Lost My Kitty. We’ve covered our neighborhood with flyers, we have set three live traps, and we placed his cat bed and favorite toy squirrel under our deck. Day and night, we continue to call for him and search tirelessly.

During the first week of his absence, we stayed up all night searching and waiting for him. I saw him twice within three days, but he ran away when approached. 

I haven't seen him since.

About ten days after Bubby went missing, I saw a post on Find Toby with a kitty that looked identical to him. Although it was a town away, I thought, "Stranger things have happened. It's possible." Several people tagged me on the post, asking if he was my Bubby. I messaged the person who found the cat, and although it only took her about 90 minutes to respond, it felt like an eternity. When we finally spoke, we discovered it wasn't him. The cat she found was very outgoing—a stark contrast to my Bubby, who was skittish. Finding out he wasn’t my sweet boy was difficult, but it reminded me not to give up hope.

Besides missing him, the uncertainty of his well-being is heartbreaking. I’ve done everything possible to get him back and have nearly turned into a zombie from the exhaustive search.

Bubby, if you’re out there somewhere, know that Mommy misses you and loves you dearly. I miss your bushy tail, your headbutts when you wanted food or affection, and how you’d bite my hair in the mornings, especially on weekends when I slept in. You trusted me and opened your heart despite your past abandonment.

My husband reminds me we have three other cats to love, and I am grateful for them. But my heart grieves for Bubby. Not knowing if he is safe or still out there is incredibly hard.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my neighbors and online community for their endless support and resources. I will not give up hope that my Bubby will find his way home, and your positive thoughts and watchful eyes are appreciated.

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