February 11, 2024

Laney Goff

Social Sesh: Video Editing Tips for the Camera Shy

Video editing tips

It's no secret that video content is vital on social media these days. Unfortunately, many people let their fear of being on camera stop them from getting the reach they desperately need. I get it. Stepping in front of the lens can feel like stepping onto a stage with a spotlight aimed right at your double chin. 

I imagine many people watch Reels and TikTok videos, thinking everyone they see has an exceptional talent for performing on camera. The truth is, they're probably just really good at editing. It's not about having the perfect words or a flawless delivery. With a few editing tricks up your sleeve, you can transform your videos from lackluster to captivating, hooking your viewers and leaving them wanting more. 

Here's how to do just that, even if you feel like you suck at being on video. 

1. Cut Out the Dead Space

One of the simplest yet most effective editing techniques is cutting out all the dead air in your videos. The moments of silence before you start speaking, the awkward pauses between sentences and any prolonged periods when nothing much happens can make your content feel slow and dragged out. By trimming those segments, you produce a better pace for your video. Doing so doesn't just make your video more enjoyable to watch, it also helps retain viewers' attention from start to finish. 

Also, remove unnecessary breaths. While natural breathing is normal, excessive breath sounds can be distracting and give your video an unpolished feel. You can achieve a cleaner, more professional sound quality by editing out intrusive, overly noticeable breaths. 

2. Incorporate Strategic Zoom-Ins

Visual variety is critical for keeping your audience engaged. A static shot for the entire duration of your video can quickly become monotonous. Incorporate strategic zoom-ins to highlight important details, emphasize your points, or simply add visual interest. This technique works wonders for drawing viewers' attention to where you want it and creating a more dynamic and engaging piece of content. Plus, it's a great way to add a layer of professionalism, making even the most camera-shy human appear more confident on screen. 

3. Utilize B-Roll for Added Interest

B-roll footage is your best friend when it comes to enhancing your video content. Those extra clips add depth, context, and a lot of interest to your story. Whether it's a snippet of waves crashing as you talk about overcoming challenges or your hands crafting your latest project, B-roll turns your video into a rich, multi-layered experience. And let's not forget that it also gives you a break from being eye-to-eye with the camera for a few seconds. 

4. Leverage the Power of Music and Sound Effects

Never underestimate the impact of a good soundtrack. Adding music and sound effects can dramatically change the tone and feel of your video. Choose background audio that complements your content's mood and pace. Strategic use of sound effects can also highlight key moments, adding a fun or dramatic flair to entertain your viewers.  

5. Add in Overlay Graphics and Text 

Graphics and text overlays are not only for conveying information; they're a powerful tool for making your videos more engaging. Use them to highlight key points, introduce new sections, or add a pop of visual interest. Animations, even simple ones, can make your video feel more dynamic. Plus, they're incredibly useful to people who feel intimidated on camera; they take some of the focus off you while keeping your content informative and interesting. 

Wrapping it Up

If the thought of being front and center on video feels like standing at the edge of a cliff, remember that editing is your parachute. Don't shy away from the camera; embrace it as a powerful storytelling tool. Use the tips I’ve shared to overcome hesitation, polish your content, and let your authenticity shine through. Happy editing!

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