December 4, 2022

Rachel Strella

‘Tis the Season for Self-Care


The holiday season is upon us, which means a lot of hustle and bustle! The joy of it all can quickly take a turn and become a dreaded sense of overwhelm if we’re not careful. So, I thought it might be a good time to remind ourselves about the importance of self-care.

Acts of self-care don’t have to be anything extravagant. They can be as simple as enjoying a moment to be mindful of our surroundings, grabbing a cup of coffee, or taking a power nap. 

I practice self-care with a deep sweat in my in-home sauna at least four times a week. It’s a great way to reduce stress and relax. Sometimes, a little something to treat myself — like getting a pedicure, massage, or hair treatment — is energizing. Other times, a workout can be just the break I need.

I asked some #Strella team members how they practice self-care, and I’ve shared their responses below. I hope they give you some “me time” inspiration as you navigate the hectic holiday season.

Self-Care Secrets from the #Strella Team

Lauren Galli

Baths. Sometimes a lengthy bath at the end of the night is the only time my brain stops running on its treadmill. Lavender and peppermint complement the relaxation effort.

Ella Gunnell

The gym is my self-care, but not for the reason you think. Of course, it is beneficial for my physical health, but I'd say it's even more important for my mental health. When you work from home, it can be very easy to just stay in your house day after day. Going to the gym gives me a reason to get ready and get out of the house, and my overall mood is much better throughout the week than if I were to stay home.

Jenn Barnes

Self-care for me doesn’t take a lot, but the benefits are tremendous! I make sure to take at least 30 minutes for myself to walk outside and listen to good music or a podcast! I also love to spend 15 minutes or so a day in a good book, and I always end my day by holding hands with my hubby while we watch a show. All of those activities allow me to connect with things that I love. ❤️

Jennifer Hanford

Self-care means different things to different people. To me, it means taking a break from my computer and other electronic devices. I like taking little breaks during the day to take a short walk, read a chapter (or two!) of a book, go to the grocery store, or work on a crossword puzzle.

Dawn Mentzer

I've learned that sleep must be a top priority for me to feel my best and perform optimally — physically and mentally. I rarely set an alarm in the morning. I sleep until I naturally wake up... unless I have an early morning call or appointment.

Laney Goff

My self-care tip is always to set your intentions for your day the night before. I am a big believer that the key to having a great day starts the night before. This means limiting the number of decisions you have to make first thing in the morning so that you can have a clear head to focus on the tasks that need to be completed. I do this by setting out my clothes for the next day, journaling/envisioning what I want my next day to look like, and sticking to routines that set me up for an easy morning! 

Take Care of Yourself — You’re Worth It

I believe self-care is essential for sustainability, especially during the busyness of the holiday season. I hope you’ll take the time to give yourself a little love; you deserve it.

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How do you practice self-care?

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