July 10, 2022

Rachel Strella

What’s New at #Strella?


I treated my last marketing e-blast as an e-newsletter to share some updates rather than re-distribute my recent blog posts. While thinking about what to write for the blog this week, I decided to share some updates with you as well. 

#Strella Services and Team News 

1. 12 Years in Business

Last month, #Strella Social Media celebrated its 12-year anniversary. We have had our fair share of growing pains, like any business. But I firmly believe we've made it this far because of the great people on our team — and we continue to grow.  

2. Amped-Up Instagram and TikTok Expertise

We recently added an Instagram and TikTok expert to our team. Laney Goff is crushing it with our client work. She's going to launch me on TikTok, too. Stay tuned for more on that! 

3. Enhanced Video Mastery

We now have two experienced video editors who bring a creative spark to our clients’ videos for TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more. Our most experienced team member, CJ Masciantonio, has impressed our clients beyond compare. 

4. Brand-Building Through Consistent Community Management

Our community management team continues responding to every audience comment, ensuring our customers' customers are heard and acknowledged. 

Fun fact: We've clocked in over 4,000 hours of community engagement!

5. Paid Advertising to Propel Awareness and Engagement

While paid advertising is a complementary service to our organic social media efforts, we help clients leverage opportunities to use it to accomplish their goals.

Last week, our client at BYUtv said, “We just got out of a meeting and a lot of your boosting results were brought up. They are amazing, some of the best of all the paid campaigns. Great job on that. We are very impressed with your team.” 

6. Internal Support to Keep Things Running Smoothly

I've also hired an executive assistant, which means I have transitioned to delegating all nitty-gritty project management details to capable hands. While I love managing projects, I know that to grow this business I must focus on what my Vistage chair accurately describes as the “ business of running a business.” 

In Other News…

On a Personal Note

For those of you who are unaware of what I've been going through personally, this post will help you catch up.

I've always advocated for transparency. Wearing the hats of “business owner” and the new one within my family has been challenging. Once again, I've relied on my team to help #Strella Social Media continue to survive and thrive. 

Vacation Vibes — OBX or Bust!

By the time you read this, I should be on our third annual trip to the Outer Banks. In 2022, we went to Duck, and in 2021 we stayed in Kitty Hawk! This year, we are heading to Avon, a new destination for our yearly getaway. We're excited to try something new! If you’re planning a beach break this summer, check out these tips from my trip last year.

I'm immensely excited for what's next (and next after that!). Please reach out to us to explore how we can help take your social media efforts to the next level!

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