July 18, 2021

Rachel Strella

5 Summer Vacation Tips

summer vacation

Summer is in full swing. And with most COVID-19 lockdown restrictions lifted, many of us are taking vacations. My family returned to the Outer Banks this past week, where we rented a beautiful house through Airbnb. Even though this was our second time vacationing in the Outer Banks, we found there were a few things we could have been more prepared for. 

I plan to keep in mind the below list of gentle reminders for the next time we venture to the beach. Perhaps you might find them helpful if you’re planning a beach break this summer, too! 

5 Tips for Enjoying a Stress-Free Summer Vacation 

1. Account for traffic. 

We thought we were in the clear when we made it through I-495 in the Washington DC area with no hiccups. But the traffic throughout Virginia was no joke. We hit a lot of construction and encountered many other travelers to the beach. The heightened traffic volume caused a nearly three-hour delay. 

So, leave early and expect delays.

2. Wear your sunscreen – everywhere! 

That beach sun is hot stuff! My brother found out the hard way when he forgot to reapply sunscreen before his parasailing adventure. “Lobster” is an understatement when referencing his hue. 

No matter the time of day or whatever outdoor activity you have planned, lather up!

3. Keep your glasses safe. 

My husband Nathan thought he could withstand the waves and decided to wear his prescription glasses in the water. Unfortunately, the tide had other plans! Oops!

Moral of the story: Keep your glasses in their case and off the beach.

4. Plan on making your own meals

Reservations rarely exist anymore. Also, I discovered that food delivery services are scarce near beach areas. So, unless you like to eat at 4 p.m., or you don’t mind waiting over an hour for a table, you’d best anticipate making more meals than you expected to during your trip. We ordered groceries from Instacart nearly every day, and we enjoyed making our meals on the grill. 

5. Be grateful. 

We had some stressful circumstances going on with my family back home. However, we made it a point to enjoy our trip to the fullest. Each day, I reflected on my gratitude for the beautiful moments we were spending together. 

None of us can turn back time or relive our best experiences, so enjoy every second when you have an opportunity to get away.

“Don’t worry. Beach happy.” ~ Unknown

A vacation is all about de-stressing and getting away from your worries and work. Therefore, it’s well worth your while to spend a little time and energy to make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected. That way, you can bask in the sunshine and much-deserved relaxation and leave your cares behind.

I hope my list of reminders helps you prepare for your next getaway. What else would you add to it?

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