December 20, 2020

Rachel Strella

Top Three Posts of 2020: A Common Theme in a Very Uncommon Year


I don’t think anyone knew what was in store for 2020 when we rang in the celebration on January 1.  The world looks entirely different than it did a year ago. We’ve all been affected and many still struggle with the hardships that have accompanied the pandemic. Despite the setbacks, we have endured. I’m inspired by the strength and perseverance – and the sheer humanity of it all.

It’s often surprising to me what interests people, particularly when I pull the stats of the top blog posts of the year. I told myself I would not be surprised at the outcome this year… and I wasn’t. What I can say is that I’m happy to see authenticity prevail as the common theme among the top posts. All three showcase the raw human element that I’ve encouraged for years. My goal is for you to leave my site feeling inspired and maybe even compelled to tell your own story.

Here are the top three blog posts of 2020.

Number 3. Ten Observations in the Thick of COVID-19. This post was written in March when we were at the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone was fearful and uncertain – and many continue to feel this way. I wrote the post as I was trying to make sense of what was happening – and what was about to happen. Nine months later, I realize that I wasn’t too far off.  Click here to read.

Number 2. Running with Rusniak: True Life – My Social Media Feed Needs More Authenticity. I’ve never been more proud of a column as I was when I first read this post, which was written by Sara Rusniak. No words can do justice to her struggle, yet somehow her message is applicable to everyone. Click here to read.

Number 1. Overcoming Obstacles: Reflecting on The 20-Year Anniversary of The Accident That Changed My Life Forever. It’s fitting that the 20-year anniversary of my car accident coincided with the pandemic raging in at full speed. It’s also fitting that this is the top post of the year. The original post about the accident, published in 2012, has acquired thousands of views. In fact, it’s the top post on my site from the past decade. My message was simple and I stand behind it today. Click here to read.

We shall continue to rise above the obstacles in 2021. My hope is that authenticity will prevail.

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