February 12, 2020

Rachel Strella

3 Lessons Learned From Vacation


I just came back from a much-needed vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica! 🏖️ It was the third-year trekking to this beautiful destination – and it was the best year yet!  Despite being my third year on this trip, however, there are some things my overzealous personality can easily forget! Here are some lessons learned from vacation.

Pack light. Going to the beach should require nothing more than swimsuits, sunscreen, and nice-but-casual evening attire. So, how in the world did we end up schlepping 50-pound bags of checked luggage and a heavy-ass carry-on? 🧳 We learned a hard lesson, especially coming back to the states where we had to retrieve all this luggage at customs and head back through security again! My back is still screaming! 😩

Think less. It can take a few days to fully relax after a year of craziness, but I also found myself overthinking the basics. Which swimsuit should I wear today? Should I set the alarm and head to the gym in the morning? What dinner spot would be best for the last night? Should I schedule the massage for 1:30 or 3:30?  (#FirstWorldProblems 😩) By mid-week, it dawned on me… I am on vacation!! Stop thinking and enjoy the experience!

Soak it all in. Upon arrival at the resort, I was so excited! I snapped pictures of the beach, the room, the pools, and the food. It was fun to share the experience on social media – and, I was surprised to find that people really enjoyed these updates. I also wanted to capture as much as possible, so I would have memories for years to come. However, this was a slippery slope. There were times when trying to capture the moment would overshadow the actual experience. Once I realized this, I took pictures and videos only when I felt like it. I enjoyed savoring the experience.

You may have noticed a common thread among these lessons… and that’s ‘keep it simple!’ Simplicity is so important on vacation – and it’s important to life, in general. I’ll keep this lesson in my overzealous brain as I re-enter my regular routine!  Care to join me?

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