January 28, 2020

Rachel Strella

“Doing Nothing” Is My #VacationMode


If you’ve seen the movie, Office Space, then you know what Peter would do if he had a million dollars. “Nothing. I would relax. I would sit on my ass all day. I would do nothing.”

As I embark on my annual vacation to Jamaica this week, I have to take a page out of Peter’s book. While I can’t say that I would do nothing if I had a million dollars, I do prefer to do nothing while on vacation!

I am sure that it’s a lot of fun to ride horses in the ocean, swim with the baby pigs or cruise in an underwater vision boat. Any of those activities are worthy of merit and I think it’s great that people want to experience them. For me, though, I simply prefer to do nothing on vacation.

I believe it’s the one week when it’s justified to do nothing. Fifty-one weeks of the year, I am working more days and longer hours than I care to admit. I go full-force, always. As a textbook overachiever, I push myself to (and sometimes over) the limit. It’s just how I am wired. Moreover, I loathe winter. ❄️ There is nothing better than going somewhere tropical in the depths of this dreaded season! Call me a beach bum, but I just want to relax and enjoy. ⛱️

For this third annual trip to Montego Bay, I am going to follow the wise words of Peter and do nothing.

I will relax. I will sit on my ass all day. I will do nothing.

Can anyone else relate?

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