October 6, 2019

Rachel Strella

Why The Cat Should Be The CEO


Those who know me are aware of my love for felines. Growing up, I had as many as ten cats as a kid. Currently, I have only three, but I do love the little buggers! My favorite cat inviting me to pet her, as she's following me around the house and intentionally flopping over in front of me.

You may have heard that a cat can have one of five personalities. They include:

  • Neurotic
  • Extraverted
  • Dominant
  • Impulsive
  • Agreeable

Of the three fur-children, all five personalities are represented here! 😹 (Cat owners know what I mean. #ItsACatThing).

For the record, I love all animals. I especially enjoy having cats as pets. Other than their split – yet, also distinct -personalities (#ItsACatThing), cats are relatively easy to care for and they make great companions.

Having spent most of my life observing cats, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps cats deserve the top position in a company.

Yes, they have a variety of personalities. (Don’t humans!?) But, what I really love about cats is that they know what they want. They own it!

You could claim that dogs are more loyal – blah, blah, blah. Well, I bet you don’t have two cats who are really dogs living in a cat’s body! (#ItsACatThing).

In all honesty, cats are confident creatures. They have an innate ability to tell you what’s up. And, they are unphased by your response. I’ve found that the best CEOs are relentless about their vision. They are crystal clear about what they want, even if they have no idea how they will make it happen.

Similarly, cats know what they want and you better deliver!

I think organizations need a leader who is steadfast in their approach. Confident and resolute, the cat gets my vote!


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