October 7, 2018

Rachel Strella

The Story Behind My Rebranding


Since I launched my business nearly ten years ago, the level of service that my company offers has evolved.

I, too, have evolved.

With nearly a decade of experience behind me in my business, I felt that my personal brand image was no longer in sync with the professional I have become.

I’ve worked hard to build a reputation online as a subject matter expert on using social media to fulfill business objectives. However, I neglected to pay attention to whether my visual appearance reflected who I am as a professional.

And so, I decided it was time to make a change...to rebrand myself.

My rebranding efforts have been to align what people see with what they get when working with me.

I didn't go about this alone. Although I knew what I wanted to convey through my physical presence, I didn't know how to accomplish it. Therefore, I worked closely with a personal stylist and a professional photographer to achieve the outcome I desired. The process involved selecting a new wardrobe (focused on tailored styles that incorporate Strella Social Media colors) and getting new professional photos (the fruits of getting my hair and makeup done and an all-day shoot to capture the true essence of who I am as an entrepreneur).

What is the impression I want my brand to make, you ask?

Here are the qualities I need to shine through:

- Knowledgeable
- Authoritative
- Business savvy
- Articulate
- Confident
- Direct
- Committed

Before my rebranding, I would say my image was more of the “girl next door” type who is always nice and wants to please everyone. I’d like to think I’m still nice, but I also want to be taken seriously as a professional—one who chooses business opportunities carefully and is a straight shooter when clients aren’t fulfilling their end of the agreement or have unrealistic expectations.

My rebranding has been, in part, for me. But it has also been for everyone who does business with me, is interested in doing business with me, collaborates with me, reads my blog posts, attends my presentations, or otherwise interacts with Rachel Strella, owner of Strella Social Media. When they see me, my brand, they will better understand who I am and what they can expect.

I’ve learned that perception can mean almost everything. What people should perceive when they see me and think of Strella Social Media is that we deliver top-tier social media services with a firm foundation of strategy, planning, and execution.

We’re not the cheap seats at the ball game; we’re the corporate suite that will give you a superior experience and exceptional value.

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3 comments on “The Story Behind My Rebranding”

  1. Congrats on the rebranding.You always bring so much value to others, so it is awesome to see you valuing yourself. Looking forward to seeing your brand continue to evolve!

    1. Wow, thanks Leanne. That made my night!

      Keep putting yourself out there, as you do! There is so much value you offer in showcasing who you are!!


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