January 21, 2018

Lauren Galli

Galli Gripes: Why I Gripe

Galli Gripes

You may have noticed (or not, whatever) that I have my own section of the #Strella blog called Galli Gripes.  Some of you might wonder why I gripe. What makes me so special? The short answer is because my content takes a different tone than the average #Strella blog.

I can explain, but we’re going to have to travel down the rabbit hole together.  Here it goes!  After writing several #Strella posts, I started to notice a pattern.  If you’ve read my posts, you might notice that I’m a little bit more “prickly” than the rest of the crew. I tend to rant.  However, Galli Rants didn’t have the same appeal of the alliterative G, so we went in that direction.

That’s only half of the story, though.  My blogs were rant-like for a reason, and not just because I’m a surly person.  In this business, we face a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle digs from clients.  Put simply, we receive a lot of incredulous questions about why something isn’t working the way they expected. Then, they give up, having never listened to us in the first place.  Everyone, especially a hot-headed Italian woman, is bound to get a little pissed off sooner or later!

I once met a client for four hours. During that meeting, he glad-handed me. He said everything I wanted to hear. However, during my drive home from that heart-warming experience, he sent me nine emails with ideas of how he wanted to do things. Can you guess how many of these things were within the realm of what we discussed? Drumroll…. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Needless to say, he lasted two months.

I once sat through four calls with a potential client.  Everything on-par and our working relationship looked promising.  Then, she disappeared off the face of the Earth. She never returned an email or a phone call. She just vanished!

These stories are just a drop in the bucket compared to the everyday stuff we deal with as a full-service social media company.  We’ve received emails questioning our intelligence, we’ve experienced countless technology glitches that are completely out of our control, and we’ve endured childish, controlling, certifiably insane behavior.

Despite what you may think, this isn’t always a gratifying job.  Its’ not all bad, but sometimes you just gotta gripe!

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