December 17, 2017

Lauren Galli

Galli Gripes: The 12 Gripes of Christmas


Believe it or not, I have few gripes when it comes to the holidays. I love everything about the season - the lights, the food, the togetherness.  However, given my personality, there are still things that drive me crazy during the holidays.  Here are my 12 gripes of Christmas…

A Rude Person in a Pear Tree. Just because you’re in a hurry or you procrastinated on your holiday shopping, does not mean you have a right to be a jerk to the people serving your needs.

Two People Fighting. It seems like every year there is a fight in a store over some meaningless product that the kids are going to forget about in a week.  Stop it!  It’s junk and the only reason your kids want it is because the TV said so.

Three Commercials Blaring. Commercials are a necessary evil and this time of year they’re especially loud and annoying.

Four Children Screaming. I hate to shop. I know you’re surprised.  This experience is even more unpleasant during the holiday season by kids screaming at the top of their lungs with a case of the gimmes.

Five Registers Open. If you have 25 registers in your store with 30 employees standing around looking at their shoes and only five lanes open, do something.

Six Greedy Shoppers. To the person stocking up on all the Hatchimals, Elmos, or whatever is popular this year, so you can sell them on eBay, I see you. As does Santa!

Seven Stupid Movies. I know there are people who enjoy the Hallmark Christmas movies, but come on.  They get worse as the years go on.

Eight Strands of Lights.  I love to decorate for Christmas, except for hanging lights on the tree, and this year was no exception.  I bought eight boxes of lights – and only five worked!

Nine Pets Chomping.  My animals are not allowed ‘people food.’ But, while hosting a dinner party, my guests decided to feed my animals.  My dog Jake gorged on stuffed mushrooms and buffalo chicken dip.  Thanks guys, now I can’t eat a meal without Jake slobbering relentlessly next to me.

Ten Days of Shipping. I have been an Amazon Prime member since inception, so I’m all about that free two-day shipping.  However, a movie that was supposed to be shipped in two days has taken TEN!

Eleven Lines Awaiting.  In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m very impatient.  I hate waiting; and lines are out of control this time of the year.  I understand that they are unavoidable, but at least pay attention and keep it moving.

Twelve Traffic Jams.   We continue to ‘pave paradise to put up a parking lot,’ and now we’re suffering the consequences.  Too many people + little space = horrendous traffic. The holidays only magnify this formula.

Despite my holiday gripes, this is the season for my sweeter, gentler side to shine (yes, I have one). I love the holidays. So, from my family (Jake the now-people-food loving dog; Baby Cat, the grumpiest cat in the world and my cat inviting me to pet her always; and of course myself) to yours… Merry Christmas. (Or happy holidays, depending on your political and religious affiliation).

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