May 21, 2017

Lauren Galli

Galli Gripes: Stop With the Politics Already


Never before have two things gone less hand in hand than social media and politics.  This past election started a virtual social media storm that just keeps going on and on and on…well you get the idea.  As someone whom was taught to never discuss politics or religion in mixed company, Facebook and Twitter have me screaming, “stop with the politics already!”

I do understand the potential gravity of the situation voters may or may not have placed themselves in last November. I also understand that there were a lot of people that weren’t tremendously adamant supporters of the 44th President of the United States either, and they also made a big stink on social media.  However, here’s the thing…I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  I want to stop unfriending people and shouting at my computer.  My animals already think I’m insane, I don’t want to further drive that point home.

I understand that social media has given everyone a soapbox like never before, and while in most cases I applaud that, this is not one of those instances.  The trend of the news media is to inundate the viewers into submission, one way or the other.  Social media users are doing the exact same thing!  If you think you’re going to sway someone’s opinions with a well-timed meme, you’re not! And also, if you think this is a post where I’ll express my political affiliation if you keep reading, think again and see above.

I was reared in a family where many topics were discussed in the company of others, but we have veered away from political discussions - and with good reason.  Political beliefs are something we hold very dear and take quite personally, not dissimilar to religious beliefs, and therefore they have no place for discussion in a huge social forum.  Understandably, people want to express their opinions, but do so in your own personal circle and please stop flooding my news feed.

politicsWhat I’ve found with all of the political crap, YES, I said crap, is that no one is posting to engage in a healthy debate.  People are posting because they want to end conversations (and friendships) in true Kindergarten fashion by stomping away and calling the other person a doodyhead, or something equally ridiculous.  We want to fight. We want people to disagree.  It’s classic troll maneuvering and it’s beyond irritating.

As a social media manager, I have grasped its importance, but I’ve also seen the division it breeds. While social media is fantastic marketing outlet, it’s also giving every Tom, Dick and Harry a platform on which to spew their political opinions.

Please don’t misunderstand this post, I don’t believe we all need to keep our mouths shut, but if you’re still complaining about the results of the election, STOP.  It’s over. He won.  f you’re an American citizen, HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT, whether you like it or not.  Can’t we please revert to the days when we were using Facebook to connect with our friends from elementary school? Please?!

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