July 24, 2016

Rachel Strella

The Confusing World of Social Media – and the Hilarious Things We’ve Heard from Customers

Social media is no longer the new kid in town, but for businesses trying to navigate it for the first time – or even keep up with this ever-changing beast – it can beSocial media overwhelming. I’ve heard some funny things over the years, and I thought it would be entertaining to share a few of them. For the record, I’m not poking fun – I’m agreeing that social media is a monster. It really is laughable the myriad of things one can encounter in this field!

Let’s use a Twitter hashbrown during the event. 

I tried to call the number on your logo (a.k.a. my hashtag - #Strella), but that didn’t work.

How do I tweep or twerk or whatever it’s called?

If and when I start receiving referrals on LinkedIn, then I will seriously consider adding to your budget.

I want to syndicate my blog content and it should be easy because I pay for a service that writes all the blogs for me and I just pick one and paste it in my website.

Do you think Gary Vaynerchuk can help us?

I need to sell 100 tickets by tomorrow. Can you post this on Facebook before the end of the day and ask people to buy?

Check out this video and tell me if we can do that to acquire a million followers.

I reviewed your social media strategy and I would like to move forward, but with just one of the items you suggested.

I found the picture on Google! Can we use it on my website?

We would like to do a giveaway of 20 products a week, starting tomorrow.

We want you to get rid of our Twitter account and create a company LinkedIn profile, so we can post open positions on it. Can you make that change today? (After a year of an aggressive Twitter presence)

Do you have a rough estimate of the costs for overhauling my website and then linking it with your software, channels, outer space satellite, giant invisible cloud in the outer reaches of the universe? 

Now that I have social media, how do I connect with Beyoncé?

I want to acquire 10,000 email addresses on my landing page. Read what Harry’s did and use that to create our campaign on Facebook and Instagram. I can pay $500 USD. How fast can you do this?  (Note: the company was a start-up with no product, no giveaway to opt-in, and no website or web presence beyond the landing page).

Let’s add Snapchat to our efforts. They have e-commerce options now so we will get rid of our credit card processor and take payments this way.

There are lots more, but you get the idea!

Chime in: what are some funny things that you’ve heard (or even said yourself) about social media?

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