May 5, 2013

Lauren Galli

5 Things That Surprised Me About Being a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

I’m fairly new to the whole social media management scene.  I can update a Facebook status, share a meme, and tweet with the best of them, but believe me when I say, these things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing social media for various clients.  It involves so much more than tweeting about your day or sharing a post about your favorite cause on Facebook. Here are five things that surprised me during my first few weeks on the staff at Strella Social Media.

  1. The nuances of social media writing.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that everyone wants their social media handled differently. I assist in writing content for many companies - all of them have unique styles and preferences. Some prefer that you do a little research prior to writing their posts and then write a glowing post meant to drive traffic to their websites physical locations.  Then there is the blog post that you pull out of thin air and the recesses of your imagination.  So much more goes into writing a blog post than most people think.
  2. Hashtags?  What's a hashtag?  I had no clue how to use hashtags on Twitter before I started developing content for clients. I didn’t know that using a hashtag would connect you to a feed of tweets that include the same hashtag, thus allowing everyone using that hashtag to see what you’ve tweeted.  I could have never imagined the potential for exposure by simply using the "#" symbol before a word!
  3. YouTube: Not just a resource for funny animal videos.  I once used YouTube for one purpose: watching videos my brothers told me about.  There is so much more potential for YouTube as a marketing tool than I ever realized, and it’s also an incredible educational resource.  Yes, you can still use it to watch videos of pugs tilting their heads to the side or “bad lip-reading,” but you can also use it to learn how to knit or even tell people how to use a product you’re selling!
  4. Keywords. I had no idea that using keywords could drive people to your site from Google or help potential networking connections find you on LinkedIn. You simply select a group of commonly search words that apply to you, and when people perform searches using these words, it increases the chances they will find your profile! The more searched keywords matching your specific keywords, the higher you are on the list.  It’s really an awesome way to get noticed!
  5. The opportunities are mind-boggling. Think about it... you're directly communicating with your target audience and you're reaching all of them at the same time! Your products and services are being seen instantly by the people you want to see them. This isn't your parents' generation where the best way to find someone offering a service is through the phone book. In the end, you've networked with everyone you know and you've really gotten your name out there!

For years, I’ve aspired to have my words be seen and read, and never thought it possible until someone took a chance on a person recommended by a friend.  In just a month and a half, I’ve developed a portfolio and learned so much!  A patient and very understanding boss has walked me through a litany of ideas and facets of social media that I never knew existed.  For this, and many other things, I thank her.

WriterLauren’s a nursing student and scheduling coordinator with a passion for writing! She was hired in April as a staff writer for Strella Social Media while she also actively pursues a career as a published author. Yes, this girl does it all!

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