April 25, 2012

Rachel Strella

Questions from the Chamber Business Women Presentation, “Facebook and LinkedIn for Business.”

By Rachel 

Last Wednesday, I spoke to the Chamber Business Women about using Facebook and LinkedIn for business purposes.

I left index cards on the table so that that the audience could submit questions. I promised to answer them on my blog, so without further ado…

Where should you go to learn how to Tweet? 

Twitter actually has a great resource guide to learn to Tweet for business. It includes a glossary, best practices, and information on building content. You can access it here: https://business.twitter.com/

I enjoy following Twitter advice from Jeffrey Gitomer. Here is an excerpt from a recent webinar, “I Tweet Therefore, I am.”

How can you communicate with individuals you are not connected to on LinkedIn? 

I’m going to state the obvious and say, connect with them! You will need to have a similar group or college alumnus or have access to their email address in order to connect directly. I highly recommend researching their email address and sending a thoughtful connection request.

If you’re unable to find an email address, consider asking someone with whom they are connected to introduce you via LinkedIn. 

I run a fundraising golf outing for Lyme Disease. We post a lot of information about our outing as well as about Lyme disease, as a whole. It seems that people are missing our posts and missing important event info. What’s the best way to touch everyone without being annoying? 

I think I would need a little more information about this group and how you’re sharing information, but off the top of my head, I suggest:

  • Getting everyone on an email list and sending emails regarding important event information
  • Setting up an event through Facebook and inviting fans
  • Reviewing Facebook insights to see the best time to post information

These days, it’s tough to reach everyone – the way they want to be reached – without duplicating the message across channels.  I suggest finding what channels work for the majority of people. If you decide to use email, be sure to use it sparingly so they aren’t overwhelmed and decide to opt-out.

What questions do you have about Facebook and LinkedIn for business?

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