February 15, 2012

Rachel Strella

Our Favorite People to Follow

Many of our best “follows” have been recommendations from friends, colleagues and clients. We decided to pool efforts and share our favorite people to follow and what we love about them! There’s something for everyone – even the Pinterest addicts! Enjoy!

Rachel Strella, CEO

Jeffrey Gitomer (Weekly E-zine, Twitter) – Jeffrey’s messages are short and concise, but powerful and meaningful. He forces you to think and reflect, and I also love his no-frills approach, whether it deals with social media, customer service, sales, or life.  Follow Jeffrey on Twitter: @Gitomer

Gini Dietrich (Twitter, blog) – Gini is the master of marketing integration, having learned to transform and refine her business to accommodate new media. She’s genuine, insightful and inspirational in her blog posts, which appeal to both marketers and business owners. Follow Gini on Twitter: @GiniDietrich

Marijean Jaggers (blog) – Marijean’s blogs are tightly written and always seem to tackle the issues I want to read about. Some examples include: “6 Reasons Telling Someone You’d like to Add them to your Professional Network is Lame” and “5 Social Stupidities that Drive me Absolutely Nuts.”  Love her sense of humor and practical advice! Follow Marijean on Twitter: @Marijean

Amanda Harrison, Marketing Manager

Glitter Guide (Pinterest) – They’re all about fashion whether it’s for your wardrobe or home. The Glitter Guide pins great ideas for crafts, great books to read and inspirational words for a pick me up.

Ken Mueller (Twitter) – He covers a variety of topics that make me think - and sometimes - view a topic in a new light. After a long day some of his tweets also make me laugh. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.  Follow Ken on Twitter: @KMueller62

Kayla McClintock, Marketing Intern

Style Me Pretty (Pinterest) – A great resource for planning my wedding, I’ve gotten about 75 percent of my wedding ideas from her Pinterest boards! I also adore her blog. So many great ideas in one place!

Luxe Finds (Pinterest) – Their boards range from wedding inspiration to Super Bowl party ideas. They’re  a great resource!

Sherry from Young House Love (Pinterest) – Her constant DIY-ing is inspiring and her boards are full of ideas for inside and outside of your home!

Matt Hannaford, Relationship Manager

Dave Parsons (Twitter) – Dave was one of the first people that I “met” on Twitter. After a sports information conference call discussing how to use social media in the sports information world brought me to Twitter, Dave and I began talking and exchanging Tweets regularly. Dave has connected me and others with numerous other people via Twitter which was highlighted when Outback Steakhouse sent Dave 40 gifts to hand out to help celebrate his 40th birthday.  Follow Dave on Twitter: @MVNUSID

Mike Schaffer (Twitter) – I “met” Mike Schaffer through Dave during a #SportsPRChat. Mike is a PR professional in the Washington, DC area, which was where I was living at the time. I looked at Mike as a local expert and continue to exchange Tweets regularly with Mike about professional issues and opinions. Follow Mike on Twitter: @MikeSchaffer

Outback Steakhouse (Twitter) – Outback seems like an odd “person” to follow, but when it comes to responsiveness and truly engaging their clientele they are second to none. Again, I “met” Outback through Dave Parsons and began to exchange Tweets. We quickly established a relationship and I’ve exchanged emails with the staff behind the account. Follow Outback on Twitter: @Outback

John Webster, Website Consultant

Orrin Woodward (Twitter) – Without the leadership training he provides, I would not have grown a business to the level I am at in just four years. HIs twitter feed is full of great nuggets to keep individuals on track throughout the day. Follow Orrin on Twitter: @OrrinWoodward

Guy Kawasaki (Twitter) – Guy keeps me on top of interesting tidbits that can be used for small talk at networking events. Follow Guy on Twitter: @GuyKawasaki

Pete Strella, Staff Writer

Darren Rovell (Twitter) –Rovell is a "must follow" for any sports fan, especially in an era when contracts, endorsement deals and stadium construction draw increased attention in the daily sports news. CNBC's Emmy Award winning sports business reporter always has an interesting, timely tweet with information you're not likely to get from any other source. He is active, compelling and witty. Follow Darren on Twitter: @darrenrovell

Dusty Rhodes (Twitter) –If you’re an old-school pro wrestling fan, you MUST begin following Dusty Rhoades immediately! Don't look for proper grammar from this pro wrestling legend, who tweets just like he talks. Dusty's "Common Man" interviews and promos were what made him a superstar in the industry. His tweets are just as entertaining, if you don't mind deciphering malapropisms and phonetic spelling. Follow Darren on Twitter: @DustyWWE

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