March 14, 2011

Rachel Strella

Take Action Now: Six Steps for Social Media Success

Get out of your own way.  What’s stopping you from becoming and getting exactly what you want? You could be your biggest barrier to success.  Take a look at what you’re doing, watch what others are doing, learn from both, then step aside and let yourself pass by.

Put yourself out there. This concept is the soul of social media – you really are putting yourself out there for the world to see, as scary as it might be. But, as Adam said, people can’t hear you until they know you.  You need to get over: fear of what others will say, of being camera shy, of not being perfect, and of saying the wrong thing. This is the most difficult step for many, but it’s about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. We need to feel the fear and push through it.

Break down the wall of trust. The job of a social media professional is to develop trust with people. As Carrie said, there is a wall of mistrust and it’s our job to break it down. We have to build trust by using social media, by being real, and by being available!

Take action now. Don’t wait to get started… to get ready… to consider… doing something. Do it now! If we wait for everything to be perfect and “in-line,” we will never do it.  Adam re-iterated that perfectionism is great, but that we must strive for excellence.

Be loud and proud. Be confident and enthusiastic about who you are and the value you bring. Social media has leveled the playing field for society. You can connect and share information with anyone, so remember to offer value and be certain of your abilities.

Make an offer. So many of us get caught up in only offering value, that we tend to forget that we still have an end goal.  Start with that end goal in mind, and remember to make an offer to your audience. Give them a reason to continue with you beyond what you are doing now and be specific about what that is and how they can pursue it.

I have to mention that I was blown-away by the sense of community built from the attendees. We connected on a Facebook group before the event, we got to know each other at the event, and we continue to stay connected via the Facebook group, as we talk about how we implement the information we learned this weekend. Some of the attendees are creating an accountability group, while others are talking about a TAGP 2! It amazes me that in a world overflowing with technology, it still comes down to the people … and our interactions with them. Social media at its best!

All these measures are easy to implement. But will you? Will you take action? And when?

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One comment on “Take Action Now: Six Steps for Social Media Success”

  1. Hi Rachel -

    Thank you so much for writing this post. It is exactly what the entire event was about - the connections and taking the necessary action to get what you deserve in life and your business. It was amazing to have you with us and I am looking forward to a long wonderful friendship.

    You rock,
    The Results Lady from

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