January 9, 2011

Rachel Strella

Elbows off the Table: Top Ten Tips for Social Media Posting Etiquette - Part 2

Part II of II: The Final Five

Last week, I gave you the first five tips for social media posting. They included: engage, stay positive, respond to feedback, respond to feedback - especially if it's negative and post on multiple platforms. This week, I give you five more...

Send them to your website.  This is a biggie for those of us using social media to market our business. Say something to pique interest then link it your website for more information. If your website is in need or a facelift or it’s in flux, try sending your audience to another online medium or to the site of a partner or colleague.

Don’t just talk about you.  Experts have been saying it for all of 2010 and beyond, yet so many still miss the boat. No one wants to constantly hear about your business, your sales, and your promotions. A general rule of them is to save the sales pitch for less than 20% of the time; even less than 10% in most cases.  Remember to give credit to others in your network for their accomplishments, as well.

Don’t binge post. Finding the right balance can be tricky. Posting too little makes you inactive; posting too much makes you annoying. Try to find middle ground based on your message (and what value it offers) and your audience and how often they interact.  I often struggle with this, not just for myself, but for my clients. I try to stick to between one and three posts a day, again keeping in mind the most important factor: the people in your network!

Mix it up. Try posting text, video, photos, links, etc. It’s refreshing to have a variety of information in a variety of formats.

Not just post; read and interact. Signing on, blasting a message and then signing off will likely lead to you or your business eventually landing in the “hide” feed. The other part of the equation is reading posts by folks in your network and commenting with relevant content.

Remember social media is a form of interaction – be  a mindful participant.

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