January 16, 2022

Rachel Strella

5 Tips for Making the Best of Being Sick


I have been suffering from a nasty cold this past week. I’ve observed that OTC meds don’t seem to alleviate symptoms of the common cold like they used to. Maybe COVID has taught other viruses a few things about prolonging their survival. Or perhaps I’m getting old…but this recent bout of the sniffles has been a real doozy.

Oh wait, I don’t have a cold! I have COVID. 😲

In my case, the new variant has disguised itself as a regular old cold. I am not sure where or how I got it. I hadn’t left my house in three weeks, but despite my hermit-like behavior, the virus found me! Fortunately, I am vaccinated, so my symptoms are not as bad as they might otherwise be. Still, they came on fast and furious!

While I’ve had a lot of work to do, I struggle to focus. It has been nearly impossible to concentrate on any tasks at hand, but I’ve tackled a few things (including this blog post, since I know it’s so important you hear from me). And forget about any rational decision-making. 

I’ve been feeling just plain lousy to varying degrees throughout this illness. In the moments when I’ve felt significantly under the weather, I have passed the time with non-work-related activities to get my mind off my misery. I thought I’d share them with you in case you or someone you care about falls ill with the cold, flu, or the dreaded COVID virus.  

Five Ways to Get Through the Throes of Sickness

1. Play a game

Dust off the Monopoly board and play a good ol’ fashioned game. I forgot how much fun it is to play board games. I work so much that I rarely make the time. But, there’s something about a good game that makes you feel like a kid again.

2. Binge-watch your favorite shows. 

If you don’t feel up to playing a game (it does require some brainpower), check out what’s hot on Netflix; Paramount+; or one of my faves, BYUtv. There are many binge-worthy series out there! I highly recommend The Blacklist (on Netflix).

3. Enjoy the companionship of pets. 

Ah, those trustworthy, loyal fur-babies! They really come in handy during our times of need. My favorite cat (Shhh, the other three don’t know I have a favorite.) hasn’t left my side for days. She even sleeps on my hip at night. It’s been nice having all of them show me their love while I’m down for the count. 

4. Take advantage of food delivery

It’s immensely convenient to have your favorite foods arrive directly on your doorstep. I’ve had restaurant take-out and groceries delivered to our home during my illness. When you’re sick, you have no reason to feel guilty about that indulgence. Enjoy!

5. Practice self-care

As they say, “When you’re sick, you’re sick.” Allow yourself this time to enjoy the simple things, like those I’ve shared above. Or take a nap, relax in a bath, or do absolutely nothing but space out. Sickness is your body telling you to slow down and take care of yourself. Listen to it!

Take It One Day at a Time

Let’s face it — being sick sucks. While we try to avoid it at all costs, sometimes s*** happens. The next time you’re feeling a slight tingle in your throat or stuffiness in your nose, pull out the Scrabble box, update your DoorDash app, and prepare to take it easy for a while. I hope my tips will help! Namaste!

What are your favorite ways to pass the time and practice self-care when you’re sick?

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