May 31, 2020

Alex West

West With What’s Next: 6 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Content During Quarantine

content during quarantine

Whether you’re a self-employed micro-influencer or a marketing professional employed by a brand, you are not alone in facing the challenges of creating content in the new environment in which we live and work. Many business owners and marketers are working from home without access to the office, co-workers, and customers—the things that provide relevant photo and video opportunities.

How can you create new content and stay on-brand during these days of quarantine? I hope the ideas below will help you.

6 Ways to Create Visually Captivating Social Media Content During COVID-19

1. Look to online resources like Canva for easy-to-create designs and marketing.

Canva offers simple and seamless content creation with a variety of options. If you don’t have any relevant photos, using Canva’s graphic and design software will allow you to create text-based images that are consistent with your social media account’s theme. Think of it as a way to graphically design without being a graphic designer.

2. Invest in a phone or camera compatible ring light to use for videos and photos.

Great lighting is the first step to great personalized content. If you can’t rely on the conditions outdoors or don’t have the best lighting in your home, this tool is a must. Ring lights come in many different shapes and sizes—some have a tripod, which provides greater ease of use. You can find one that fits your budget, needs, and get it delivered quickly.

3. Hop on some at-home photoshoot trends.

Looking for some inspiration? Download the latest digital craze, TikTok. GenZ content creators have been showcasing behind-the-scenes moments during their at-home photoshoots. For ideas, check out what they’re sharing. Some of my favorite tips and techniques are the use of outdoor mirrors and the effect of a newspaper backdrop to create a make-shift studio.

4. Keep it real with your audience.

This is your chance to showcase what working from home means to you! Your followers are likely experiencing the same struggles that you are facing. There’s no shame in sharing your difficulties, especially if you’re an influencer. Your audience will value your transparency and authenticity. Talk about your experience, either through a sit-down video, livestream, or text-based image. Be sure to ask for input and allow your followers to become part of the conversation.

5. Encourage fan and follower submissions for repost.

This provides an effective way to up engagement and diversify your content. It can be especially ideal if you represent a brand at large. Ask your followers to tag you when they post content that is specific to your brand. Then, ask for permission to share their content on your feed or in your story.

6. Don’t be afraid to use old photos.

Thankfully, #ThrowbackThursday never went out of style. Reflect on a time before quarantine was the norm and post about what you miss. Encourage your followers to comment, share, and continue the conversation.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean your social media channels need to come to a halt. Media consumption is on the rise, so it's imperative to stay relevant and consistent.

What have you been doing to keep your content fresh during quarantine? Let us know!

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