May 26, 2019

Jennifer Hanford

Comeback Corner: Making a Rebound After Giving Up on Writing


Note from Rachel: I’m excited to welcome our first post in a new column, “Comeback Corner” from our content manager, Jennifer Hanford. This column will appear every few weeks. Also, be sure to check out the column from team member, Sara Rusniak, called “Running with Rusniak.”


Several years ago, I used to write blog posts. A lot of blog posts. I loved writing and looked forward to putting words together. The words seemed to come to me naturally, and my thoughts would flow from my brain to the keyboard. I daydreamed of becoming a famous, prolific blogger and, to be honest, create a steady source of income for myself. I contributed my best words to social media agencies, small businesses, and popular social media marketing sites. I wrote about social media trends, weight management, real estate...and much, much more.

But one day, I lost interest in writing. Even worse, I lost confidence in my ability to write. I also worried I was contributing to a lost cause by throwing content out into an already crowded virtual space. And so, I chose to take a short break, just to see if it would help. Sometimes it helps to step away and clear your mind, right? I told myself repeatedly, “I’ll write again next week.” Well, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re making excuses.

Changing a Negative Mindset – Not Easy, But Possible

Let’s fast forward to today; I have been happily working as a freelance social media coordinator and content creator for over seven years. I truly love working behind the scenes. My passion has become creating social media content for clients, and I enjoy the variety it offers.

Recently, I came across a quote that really hit home for me:

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” ~ Susan Jeffers

After thinking about it long and hard, I was able to pinpoint the main reason why I gave up on writing—deep down, I was scared. And when you start listening to that inner voice, the one that says you’re not—nor will ever be—good enough, you eventually begin to believe it’s true.

Fortunately, I have finally come to terms with my fears, and I’m ready to push them aside.

Turning the Page

Rachel reached out to me nearly a year ago to offer me a position with her team. Before our first interview, I checked out her blog, and it inspired me. I have been working with Rachel and #Strella Social Media for the past year, and I am still amazed by her discipline to maintain her blog every week.

I am thrilled to be contributing to the #Strella blog, and I’m looking forward to writing regularly again. Each month going forward, I will share the various lessons I have learned during my writing hiatus, and I will provide you with ideas for overcoming obstacles when you’re feeling less-than-inspired.

Over to You

What fears have you faced and overcome in your career? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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