November 26, 2017

Rachel Strella

Customer Service: What It Really Means to Us

customer service

Google the words, “customer service” and you will find over 630 million results - from self-help articles to consulting services. Clearly, customer service is a popular topic and one that’s used to showcase what a lot of companies claim to do well.  To be honest, this was an area that is so ingrained in our company that we forgot to list it as a primary core value in our original list. We didn’t make that same mistake when we reviewed our values this past quarter. In fact, customer service is arguably the most important value of all. Without customers, we don’t have a business.

Ultimately, here’s what customer service means to us…

It’s a partnership! We care about our customers’ online presence, and we want our clients to achieve results. We limit the number of customers we work with, so we can provide outstanding service to those who are dedicated to our partnership.

It’s personalized. We take the time to learn about their specific needs, so we can offer customizable service with outcomes that are important to our customers.   We don’t copy what others are doing. Rather, we focus on our customer as the one who others are talking about.

It’s simple. There is a lot of confusion about how social media works and what it can do for a business. Most businesses have a lot to say; they just need a way to break down the barriers that inhibit them from making the most of social media. We make a complex marketing objective simple for the customer, we hang in there with them and we remain invisible, so they still have control over their efforts.

It’s focused. I’m certain no one tries to provide poor service, but if the message to provide top-notch customer service is not coming from leadership, then it will not be delivered by your team. Customer service is a 24/7 job - especially in our line of work – and it extends beyond just our customers. We are dedicated to the customers’ customers, as much as our own. We provide a timely response and efficient solutions to inquiries from our customers’ social media audience.

This includes but is not limited to, social media site inquiries from our customers’ customers:

Customer Service

Or, thanking a client’s customer for a thoughtful message…

Customer Service

Special post requests from customers:

customer service

And most importantly our commitment to maintaining our clients’ voice in their messaging, including blog posts…

customer service

… and social media content:

customer service

Customer service, and what it means to our company, is further explained in the following video from our VP of Marketing and Training, Stephanie.

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