February 5, 2017

Rachel Strella

Oh, The Leads We Get…


I’m truly grateful for getting in the social media game early. Seven years of consistent blogging have helped my search engine rankings tremendously. As a result, we receive internet leads daily. There is a slight downfall, however, and that’s filtering through the myriad of spam leads.

Just for fun, I decided to share five leads we’ve received in the past few months – in no particular order.  They are published below, exactly how they appeared in my inbox (typos included).

We are a bag company from China. We sell bags to America, Europe and Japan. Recently, we are looking for a company to work together with our social media. We want to boost our followers as soon as possible, and they have to be real. There is a campaign will be launched in may, so we have to increase our followers before that.

Can you please send us what you can do to help, what is the plan and what is the predicted effects? It is very urgent, so it will be great if you can reply as soon as possible.

I am asking for help in two areas. 1. Im about to release another video and Im going to boost it with $500 and in the past I havent had much luck with the higher dollar amount when it comes to boosting, weird. I usually boost 10-30 here and there and it seems to do better that way. So if you work with things like that I could sure use the assistance. 2. I have several people that want me to manage their social media outlets because of the success I’ve had with my own, I wanted to pick your brain about how to go about it if you were willing to do that, I understand if not out of competitive nature and all. Thanks so much for your time! I got your name from an article I read, I wish I remembered which one.

Do you do FB ads? What do you charge to set one up? I set one up and don't know if I picked the right kind...and all that stuff.

Hello, my name is v. I am not sure of the company I starting yet, but I am interested in social networking sites.

Are you iGaming friendly - if so please send over a media kit for immediate review.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to poke fun at others. Like many when it comes to social media, we don’t know what we don’t know. Hopefully, this post gave you a little chuckle for the day. The joke is on us because, clearly, we have our work cut out for us.

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