February 7, 2016

Karen Try

Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

time management tipsThe DIY approach is flawed for small business owners.  Wearing all the hats means a great deal of time is being taken away from the core business productivity.  Are you acting as the receptionist, the salesperson, the bookkeeper, the file clerk, the correspondent and the manager of the website, social media, customer service, collections and the whole office?

Start with disruptive activities.  Outsource those activities that are slowing down productivity!

RingCentral: Cloud-based reception services.

Who is answering your calls, responding to messages and upselling your services on the front line?  If you let your incoming phone calls go to voicemail to return at YOUR convenience, this could be costing you sales.  Consider subscribing to RingCentral software that allows you to program your business phone number to ring anywhere you choose during set hours of your choice.  Hire a virtual assistant who is only paid if calls are answered.  If the call is not answered live, an email arrives to show a missed call.  If the call goes to voicemail, an email arrives with a voice message attached.  The call can be returned immediately.

Bookkeeping, invoicing and collections.

Reduce the non-billable time you spend organizing your receipts, bank and credit card statements, reconciling the accounts, processing invoices and payroll and making sure your government filings are on time.  Outsource this work to a bookkeeper so all you have to review is the monthly statement to make sure you are on track with your goals.  Many bookkeepers will chase those overdue accounts as well.

Website maintenance and updates.

Maintain a current and active website to increase your Google rating and optimize your position on search engines.  People are looking for you and expect a current website with accurate information.  Update your content regularly with photos, videos, new promotions and product information.  Help your customers find you quickly.  Virtual administrators will manage your website updates on a regular basis making your first impression a professional one.

SendOutCards: Online greeting cards and gifts.

Reaching out to communicate with clients includes saying thank you and acknowledging special occasions.  SendOutCards allows your virtual administrator to login and prepare card campaigns or single cards to send to your clients from you and your company.  You can also send a gift or include a gift card.  Offload this important communication tool to your virtual administrator!

Virtual administrators have a wide range of clients and businesses they look after.  Brainstorm with your virtual administrator for marketing ideas and new processes that will make you money and save you money.  It’s about using your resources, just like you already know and love Strella Social Media, the experts in handling your online image on social media platforms!

Karen Try is the owner of Mind Your Own Business, Virtual Administrators located in Canada. For more information about Karen, check out her website by clicking here!

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