February 1, 2015

Rachel Strella

5 Guidelines for Tackling Any Major Project

social media managementIt's often said that if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  I'm living proof of that statement. Managing two to five social media accounts for 20 clients can sometimes make me crazy, but over the years I've developed systems that have helped me manage the myriad of tasks on my plate.

If you're about to tackle a project in the near future - no matter how big or small ─ these guidelines have helped me, and they might help you, too.

Decide. Before embarking on any project - a joint venture, a new product or even an event ─ determine the scope of the project. Consider the manpower you'll need, the time frame for launch, costs, and items you'll need to execute it.

Write everything down. It's no secret that I'm the master of spreadsheets and to-do lists. I'll save you the boring details, but the key here is to write everything down.  Take a little time to brainstorm every detail you can think of ─ and save room for more. As a project develops, I find that part of it will require their own set of subtasks.  The more you write down, the better off you'll be.

Give yourself a timeline and a deadline.  This is probably the most important guideline.  Creating a finite deadline for the end project, as well a timeline of tasks through completion, will help you schedule the time to get tasks done when things get busy. Allow yourself wiggle room, too. I call it 'set back time.' Nearly every project has hurdles, so remain flexible.

Stay organized. When things get busy, it's easy to get caught up in the project and let your organization fall to the wayside.  Enjoy the ride, but take a few minutes at the end of the day or week to organize your timeline taking workflow and deadlines into consideration. You can even utilize tools in order to stay afloat during stressful times.

Celebrate small successes. Any project will experience hurdles, which is why it's important to celebrate when things go well. Tackle the first few items on your list? Ahead of schedule? Celebrate! It will help you build momentum and carry you through the rough patches.

To help you stay organized, I've created a free guide of online tools that I use! Click here to download.

I'm a high-D personality who loves projects. I've also been told to 'put the to-do lists down' by friends and colleagues! Take it or leave it, these guidelines work for me.

What's your next project?

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