September 5, 2012

Rachel Strella

Developing a Product: Marketing & List Building

By Rachel

A primary element to online marketing success is list building. It’s not the only element, but it’s a fundamental component. After all, the more people you have on your list, the greater your potential for leveraging that list to generate engagement and even revenue.

List building is not something I’ve worked on much the past, but I’m slowly starting to build momentum by having opt-ins on my website my e-newsletter and blog.

To help build my list for this product, I decided to hold a free webinar next week called “Social Media ROI for Small Business.” In order to attain the webinar information, the attendee must enter his or her email address.

I chose the topic for two reasons. First, I wanted to market to small business owners, as they’ll be the target audience for my product. Second, I want to answer the most common question I get from prospects or new clients, which is “What’s going to be my return on investment with social media?”

For a small business owner, measuring ROI is vital because both time and resources are limited. Every dollar – and every minute – counts. Attaining ROI is not as easy as ‘this click = sale.’ In fact, when social media is executed and integrated effectively it’s sometimes hard to tell where the original-lead-that-became-a-sale came from. But, there are a few elements that help in achieving a return and those elements are what I plan to discuss in the webinar.

The opt-in count is around 35 and it continues to grow as we get closer to the date. I plan to create another opt-in for October, as well. I’ve considered another webinar or perhaps a “Top-10” list, but I’m still in brainstorming stage.

Any ideas about what I should offer next month? What would you opt-in to receive?

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