August 22, 2012

Rachel Strella

Developing a Product: A Fun Ride

by Rachel

I am about to do something I said I would never do again. And why not?  In 1980, the Eagles said the day they became a band again would be the day hell freezes over. Look how that turned out!

Last year at this time, I swore I would never create a product again. If you recall, I launched Social Media Manager Profits in August 2010. Creating that product made me feel like I aged 10 years. It was quite a learning experience. But now that a year has passed, I feel like I have a stronger grasp on what it takes to create something from scratch. I’m also confident that I can streamline the process a bit.

The fact is there are only so many ‘service hours’ in a day.  The key for me is leveraging my expertise in order to generate passive income. It seems simple enough, but I’ve been guilty of becoming too consumed by the process of planning and creating a second stream of income.

I’ve decided to get out of my own way and get moving on a new project. And I plan to take you along for the ride. Every week, I’ll post a blog about the process of building this product - from the conception, through the marketing, and to the release.

Hang on! It will be a fun ride!

Have you developed another avenue to generate income? Tell me about the experience!

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6 comments on “Developing a Product: A Fun Ride”

  1. Nice reference of the Eagles! I actually have their final live album on vinyl which came with a picture of an Eagle's nest filled with eggs and hand grenades.

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