May 1, 2011

Rachel Strella

Becoming More Aware...and Growing!

Today, I turn 30 and it got me thinking about all kinds of things, especially the business. Strella Social Media has been through a myriad of changes since I opened the doors last July, however April takes the cake!  It’s all good – I haven’t even hit a year in business, but I feel like every step I take is a good one even if it’s not always in the forward direction.

Some believe we have a destiny to fulfill (think “Lost”) while others believe we determine our own course in life.  There are still a few souls, like myself, who believe if we work hard to achieve what we want in life, we will.

The other day someone told me that, in business, it’s not just working smart or working hard – it’s about working smart and hard.  I am just glad I heard that in my first year of business and not my fifth…

I have always believed that we choose to either accept the circumstances of our life or we can chart our own course.  I am a “take action” person, so I fall into the latter. Is that the best way to be? Guess it depends on who you ask.

For me, it has been my saving grace but also my weakness. I had to work very hard to overcome some of the cards I was dealt, so I don’t know any other way.  At the same time, when do I stop pushing?  When do I recognize achievement and know when to stop and enjoy it rather than always moving forward?

These are the questions I ask myself as it’s become apparent that what happens here on out, is entirely up to me. I have proven I can do what I set my mind to, so what is it I want?

Right now, I am just glad to be here and be in the driver's seat of my life. I am humbled by the business success and I am grateful for the help I have received along the way. I am also ready to embrace all the experiences that will come next. I used to be scared of experiences because they meant I had to learn something rather than just plan. I don’t like leaving my comfort zone, but I know now that discomfort creates growth.  And, although, I am not sure what I want that growth to look like, I know that it will ultimately be for the best.

What have you discovered about life?

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2 comments on “Becoming More Aware...and Growing!”

  1. Rachel,

    Great post! I have discovered that personal and professional growth is always happening. For me I have seen this in the form of the people I meet, the books I read and the mistakes I have made. I have found success going after what I am passionate about and not necessary what seems to be the shortest way to get there. Lately, I have been reading "Rework" by the founder of 37 Signals. It is a must read for anyone in business. Again, great post Rachel. I look forward to more 🙂

  2. I have learned that we need to take the time to treasure the people we meet through our day to day lives.

    We each have a story and the best we can do is honor each person’s unique journey and story, and don't be so quick to judge.

    We each have a right to make decisions to guide our own course even if those choices appear not to align with our own. The acceptance of the individualities of us all can only make this a better world. Peace & joy.

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