What channels do you manage?

Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Why should I pay someone to manage social media when it’s free to use?

Sure, social media is free. But, your time is not. To manage social media effectively, you need someone dedicated to the efforts. This includes a consistent, thoughtful and strategic approach to postings, immediate interaction with your audience, and a results-driven dashboard to ensure you know it’s working.

There are services that charge as low as $99/month. Is that what you charge?

There are some companies who offer low-cost, packaged services with no real strategic plan. There’s simply posting content and then there’s establishing a robust, results-driven social media presence. We provide services that go far beyond posting messages to your social media sites, which is why our clients pay more. We offer full-service, goal-driven social media management services that include building your audience, developing and posting content, monitoring the channels, engaging with your audience, and developing reports to ensure your social media efforts are in alignment with your goals, and a monthly call to discuss the results of your report and discuss what’s next.

There are also companies who have a low-cost monthly fee, but charge more for services outside of that limited scope. With us, your customized plan will keep you from worrying about your bill! We don’t nickel and dime our customers for work that should be part of a dedicated social media presence. In fact, we encourage you to send us as much as you can, so we can align your presence with your voice. Building relationships requires a consistent and genuine brand voice that ensures your brand is memorable. We incorporate the human element in your social marketing efforts so that prospects not only see what you’re selling but also why they can trust you. We help people get to know you so that they’re confident and comfortable reaching out to you to satisfy their needs.

Why do I need a social media strategy?

A business must have a social media strategy in place in order to actualize results. When we work with clients for the first time, we establish clear goals and we create a social media strategy that serves as our roadmap for managing their efforts.

We take the time to learn about your company, your unique competitive strengths, and the value you offer. We then match your marketing approach with your business goals.

Do I need to provide content? Where do you get it from?

We take the lead on content development, ensuring that the content is in your voice and formatted to meet the specifications of each social media channel. It’s helpful when a client can contribute information about their business, especially anything that’s timely, relevant or humanizing. We detail our content approach in our strategy.

What do you offer that other social media companies do not?

The primary reasons our customers chose to work with us include: our personalized service, our attention to community management, and our commitment to excellence.

We are dedicated to the success of your business. We treat your customers like they’re our own customers— with responsiveness and respect. We offer customizable, personalized service, with goals that reflect the outcomes that are important to you. Everything we do is custom-built to meet your needs and make sure your brand is unforgettable.

We limit the number of customers we work with so that we can deliver premier quality to those who are dedicated to our partnership. That means YOU are our priority. We have a team of specialized contractors who are experts in the specific aspects of social media management such as writing, design, community management, strategy, and analytics.

Do you work with start-ups?

We prefer to work with established businesses, but we do make exceptions for company founders who currently run other businesses and wish to expand on their entrepreneurial path.

Do you have a minimum amount of time we need to work with you?

To actualize a return on the investment in relationship marketing, we suggest that clients work with us at least one year. However, we do honor shorter-term contracts, per request.

When is payment due? What forms of payment do you take?

Start-up costs are due as a retainer to begin our working relationship. Monthly payments can be made by:
1) A credit card, which we will charge on the 1st of each month we provide service.
2) A pre-paid monthly bill for services. Payments must be received by the 25th of the month prior to service and can be made via check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or bank transfer.

Do you carry insurance?

We carry general liability, professional liability, and cyber enterprise insurance, all with a $1,000,000, per occurrence limit.

Discover social media solutions tailored just for you, featuring strategy, audit & research, immersive content planning, insightful consulting sessions, and innovative branding & idea generation. Our full-service management encompasses asset creation, detailed analysis reports, and community engagement, guaranteeing a seamlessly crafted brand experience.

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