Is #Strella Right For You?

At #Strella Social Media, our core values are everything! We value communication, commitment to excellence, customer service and relationships. Click here to watch a short video about what makes us tick!  Or, if you prefer, read on!


You might be reluctant to hire a company that’s outsourced, for fear that they might not be responsive, and that's actually one of our strongest core values. We make sure our clients, vendors and teams know at all times where we are with the project and we communicate every step of the way.

Commitment to Excellence

We limit our client base to those committed to our partnership, which means we are going to give you the dedicated service that you deserve. We have a team of specialized contractors who focus on the various aspects of our business including, writing, design, community management, creative development, and analytics. You’ll have the best team possible to represent you in the social media arena.


If you go onto our website, you aren't going to find a package with specific pricing and that's because we're not a cookie cutter company. Everything we do is customized to the client and the outcomes that are important to them.

We are dedicated to our customer’s customers. Every person is responded to on all social media channels. This is what sets us apart from other social media companies who prefer to just post content and allow the people in-house to manage the engagement.


It is very important to us, as a company that specializes in relationship marketing, that all content is in alignment with our customers' voice. We also encourage incorporating the human element in all pieces of our marketing.

The Ideal Fit for Our Services

We serve growing brands with an established social presence who wish to enhance their online relationships.  They value engagement, community, and customer interactions. Our partnership with our customer is the perfect synergy of their product/service knowledge combined with our social media expertise.

The following industries have received the most value from our work:

  • Health and wellness
  • Broadcasting/television stations
  • Personal brands
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Home improvement
  • Technology
  • Compliance/legal
  • Banks/credit unions

If you value your relationships as much as we do, you might be a good fit for working with us.

Click here to see if we are potential fit!

Discover social media solutions tailored just for you, featuring strategy, audit & research, immersive content planning, insightful consulting sessions, and innovative branding & idea generation. Our full-service management encompasses asset creation, detailed analysis reports, and community engagement, guaranteeing a seamlessly crafted brand experience.

Commitment to Excellence

Strella Social Media
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