The Story of Strella Social Media

From part-time passion to full-time/full-service company

How a business colleague’s confusion over using online marketing led Rachel Strella to launch her social media business…

Prior to starting her social media company, Rachel Strella regularly consulted with a business mentor for guidance in her career. Turns out her mentor not only provided her with advice within the career path she was currently on at the time, but also with the life-changing suggestion that she might consider starting her own business.

After attending a social media marketing event, Rachel’s mentor felt overwhelmed about the new online tools available to market her business. She discovered Rachel had deep knowledge about the platforms and how to use them in business. Knowing how valuable that know-how and practical expertise could be to other business owners, she urged Rachel to explore entrepreneurship.

In July 2010, Rachel took a leap of faith and launched “Central PA Webster” while still working her day job.

At first, the company was focused on helping small business owners understand the mechanics of social media marketing for their businesses. However, it didn’t take long to evolve into a social media management company as Rachel discovered many business owners didn’t have time to maintain an effective and consistent social media presence by themselves.

By September 2010, Rachel was able to leave her day job and focus on the business full-time.

Per the advice of another business mentor, Rachel changed the name of the business from Central PA Webster to Strella Social Media in January 2012. The name change better reflects the company’s brand as a social media management firm. The company’s logo – #Strella – doubles as a Twitter hashtag signifying social media tips and marketing information.

Today, Strella Social Media specializes in social media management, offering services to a variety of industries across the globe.

We offer full-service social media management including: content development, posting to designated social media channels, dedicated advertising campaigns, social media audience building, monitoring and engagement on social media sites, and monthly progress reports.

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