The Story of Strella Social Media

Innovation is key

Creativity is the secret sauce for making social media magic happen. Imagine having a capable team of creative geniuses at your disposal, crafting content that deeply resonates with your audience. From eye-catching visuals to messaging that leaves a lasting impact, we've got your back! Your brand will shine like never before as your audience becomes more engaged and eagerly comes back for more.

We'll immerse ourselves in your brand's story, goals, and challenges, working hand in hand with you to co-create strategies that align perfectly with your unique vision. You’ll have your own  social media dream team at the ready and vested in your success!

Our brand story...

Our founder and CEO, Rachel Strella, understands the power of social media in driving business success. She’s been actively blogging for over a decade, addressing topics of significance to readers and conveying her message through social media and syndication. Her content has fostered an engaged community, dramatically increased her search engine rankings, and given her national — and even international — exposure. These efforts have attracted clients from all over the country.

By 2018, the business began to grow bigger than Rachel imagined it would back when she started it in 2010. And 2022 marked an exciting turning point for Strella Social Media when Laney Goff joined the team as the resident TikTok expert.

Laney's arrival was a stroke of luck. Her keen insight, work ethic, and fresh perspective were the perfect complements to Rachel’s vision and the company’s core values. Later that year, Laney took on the role of Executive Vice President, propelling our company into a new chapter — one aimed at innovation. She leads the #Strella team in developing cutting-edge strategies and creative approaches that have revolutionized our social media offerings.

We're not just ahead of the curve; we're bending it to our will by leveraging our team’s creative genius superpowers and elevating our clients’ brands in all digital landscapes.

With Strella Social Media by your side, that vision can become a reality. Our team thrives on exploring uncharted territories and developing custom solutions that fit YOUR unique brand vision. We create cutting-edge strategies tailored to overcome the hurdles you face. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we stay on top of changes and ahead of the game, so you don't have to.

Discover social media solutions tailored just for you, featuring strategy, audit & research, immersive content planning, insightful consulting sessions, and innovative branding & idea generation. Our full-service management encompasses asset creation, detailed analysis reports, and community engagement, guaranteeing a seamlessly crafted brand experience.

Commitment to Excellence

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