July 15, 2018

Stephanie Rice

Rice Report: Details Matter - 3 Steps to Team Mastery

details matter

In 2013, I had two life-changing events happen - I became a mother and I accepted an administrative position with #Strella Social Media. In the years of doing both, I have learned a lot about my abilities and my capacity to juggle multiple priorities. The one thing that’s helped me in both roles is mastering details.

Ask any surgeon…lack of attention to details can result in a much larger issue. While what we do at #Strella Social Media isn’t surgical, it must be precise. There is no room for error when posting on client accounts with thousands of fans and followers.

If you’re looking to effectively manage details that matter, here are three steps to take.

Establish Processes

This is something that is extremely overlooked, yet the most critical part to ensuring a job well done. We have processes for everything – creating content, proofreading content, posting to social media channels, engaging on those channels, and creating client dashboards. Each of our clients have anywhere from five to fifty processes of their own, as well. There is no such thing as providing too many details when it comes to processes that must be accurate.

Simplify Each Step

While I advise the more detail the better, it’s equally important to make each step easy-to-follow.  If a sixth-grader can’t understand it, it’s not simple enough. I like to call this ‘breaking it down Barney-style.’ It’s imperative that the systems you create can be implemented by everyone on your team, without question.

Followed by All

A process is only as good as those who follow it. Make sure everyone is following the proper procedures. This will eliminate confusion and keep your team rowing in the right direction. It will also allow you to pinpoint any cracks in your workflow.

What ways have you established team mastery for details that matter?

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