May 28, 2017

Rachel Strella

Holiday Weekends Are Made For…

holiday weekends

It’s Memorial Day weekend. While I do not personally know someone who died serving our country's armed forces, I would like to take a moment to honor those who did.

It’s their sacrifice that gave us our freedom – and one that many enjoy with this three-day weekend.  Because the holiday is observed every year on the last Monday of May, it also marks the unofficial start of the summer season.

Here in Central PA (also known as Pennsyltucky), the weather was mostly cloudy and not quite warm enough to enjoy the pool or waterpark. But, that’s OK. For me, holiday weekends are made for… catching up!

This weekend, my husband and I spent time doing all the fun things to make that extra day count, such as…holiday weekends

#5. House projects. We did most of our spring cleaning the past two months, but we still needed to tackle the front of our house – trimming bushes, raking and laying mulch. In normal Pennyltucky fashion, it started to rain mid-way (forecast had less than 5% chance)!

#4. Sleep. Each week, there is only one day we get to sleep a little longer – and that’s Sunday. Unless it’s a kid weekend, in which case, we’re awake when they decide to wake us up!  The extra day is a blessing – oh the difference it makes!

#3. Workouts. The past few weeks have been busy, so we were grateful to take time each day to hit the gym for a much-needed sweat! We also didn’t have to rush so we could put in a full workout!

#2. Family. We drove to Perry County, where we grew up, to visit family and enjoy an annual Memorial Day party. It was nice to relax and enjoy time with my parents.

#1. Time Together. Most weekends are filled to the max, but the extra day allows us to enjoy time together. We finally visited the Midstate Distillery – something on Nathan’s list for a year – and, even better, because we had a gift card!

While we enjoy the three-day weekend, most importantly, let’s remember to honor those who made it possible.

What did you do this weekend?


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