May 19, 2013

Rachel Strella

A Blog About Blogging: What Do You Want to Know?

The following is a guest blog from my husband, Pete Strella

How to blog

Over the past several months, Rachel and I have been working with a talented group of professionals to create the Social Media Jumpstart Kit, a six-module series that covers all of the major social media channels. The Social Media Jumpstart Kit is an ambitious collaboration designed to provide an all-in-one resource for those who want to jumpstart their social media presence.

Modules for Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are available now and modules for Facebook, Pinterest and Blogging will be released in the coming months. Those interested can purchase each module individually or purchase the entire kit for a great price and, as a bonus, receive a comprehensive guide on how to create and implement an effective social media plan.

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing research to begin creating the Jumpstart Kit’s blogging module. While I’m not exactly a “blogger” per se, I am a professional writer who has the unique perspective of being “married to a blogger.” I am eager to share this perspective in the upcoming module, along with the story of how Rachel’s tenacious blogging efforts have helped turn her part-time social media side job into a thriving full-time business in under three years.

For those of you know Rachel, I think you would agree that there are many reasons why she has been successful. But I would point to her blog – which she has done once or twice a week over the years – as a big reason for her business’s growth. Her consistent posts have boosted her Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the point where businesses from New York City to Los Angeles and even overseas are seeing her company’s name when they search keywords such as “social media manager.”

Beyond that, her wealth of blog posts give potential clients an opportunity to get to know Rachel as a person before they even speak to her.

Blogging isn’t easy – it takes time, creativity, practice and discipline. But the rewards and payoffs for having a successful blog are resounding. As I prepare to create this module, my plan is to focus on answering questions such as:

-          What is a blog?
-          Why should our business have a blog?
-          How does blogging complement our social media efforts?
-          How do we make our blog compelling?
-          What are the keys to blogging consistently and efficiently?
-          What are some key technical aspects that will help our blog be successful?

But before I delve further into my research, I figured I’d take this opportunity to ask you – Rachel’s blog readers – what you might want to know about blogging. Please comment on this blog post or send Rachel or I an email, and I will select a few to answer throughout the course of the upcoming module. Thanks for reading!

What would you like to know about blogging?

All About BloggingPete Strella is the managing editor of “The Rite Times, Rite Now,” a newsletter for Rite Aid Corporation employees. Pete’s other blogs include The Connection Between Communications and Social MediaThe Ups & Downs of Supporting a Business-Owning WifeTwitter: A Medium for the Anti-Social, and Penn State Scandal: Conversation Should Shift to Helping Victims, Raising Awareness for Child Sex Abuse.

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