January 2, 2011

Rachel Strella

Elbows off the Table: Top Ten Tips for Social Media Posting Etiquette

Part I of II: The First Five

Ever hop on Facebook and see fresh content from the same person over and over again? Tired of all the complaining and whining from your peers?  Most of us regularly experience at least one of these scenarios, so I thought I would address some social media manners.  Here are some practical tips to avoid being, “that guy.”

Engage. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1,000 times. Social media is not just about you, your business, or your breakfast! Tell your audience something they may actually care about; something that will find interesting and insightful.

Stay positive.  The ‘woe is me’ post gets old. It’s so easy to tweet when you’re angry as if your anger is now justified by telling everyone in your network. It’s important to remain positive and upbeat – especially on business social media.

Respond to feedback. If someone comments on your posting, try to comment back and continue the “conversation.” This is a rule of engagement. If someone offers feedback, and you say nothing in return, he or she may wonder if you care.

Respond to feedback – especially if it’s negative. This is related more to business social media than personal. I have no idea what folks are saying about New Year’s Eve celebration, honestly nor do I really care.  But, if someone has a complaint, a suggestion, or a blast to your business– the best thing you can do is respond. Recognize the comment, apologize (if relevant), and offer a solution or peace-offering.  Remain professional and open to feedback of all types.

Post on multiple platforms. Some people use only one form of social media and couldn’t care less about the others, so to target a few of them – especially the ones most relevant to your message (i.e. a job posting on LinkedIn).  And remember to check for feedback on all these sites.

Check out the next post for the final five!

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