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Services Description

Our editorial planning and idea generation services encompass comprehensive research to position your content optimally, coupled with creative idea generation for feed content, reels, stories, and more. We ensure consistency and success through detailed editorial planning, while our tailor-made branding approach aligns content with your brand voice and values. Budgeting services are offered to strategically allocate resources, and while ad campaigns are not our primary focus, we can assist as an add-on service.
Our creative execution service turns your ideas into reality, covering everything from graphic and custom design to video editing and branding. Our experienced team utilizes tools like Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, and various in-app editing tools to deliver native custom designs, edit photos and graphics, and create stunning videos with perfect visuals, transitions, effects, subtitles, and more. We prioritize consistent brand identity, ensuring all graphics, videos, and other content align with your custom style guide, which includes consistent use of hashtags, fonts, logos, and color schemes. Plus, we ensure all content is optimally formatted for newsfeeds, stories, reels, profile photos, headers, and blog post feature images across all platforms.
With our content development and posting service, we'll help foster brand trust and enhance your identity by creating and formatting up to five engaging messages per week for each of your channels, ensuring they meet the unique requirements and include the right details for optimal performance. Our team will carefully proofread each piece of content, checking for accuracy in grammar, punctuation, spelling, tags, hashtags, and call-to-actions, while also ensuring compliance with per-channel character limits and using branded, shortened links. Additionally, we'll leverage a mix of in-app and third-party tools to schedule your social media content at the most optimal times, with the right call-outs, trending audio, tags, and link preview images, as well as facilitate collaborations to maximize algorithmic performance.
Our social media monitoring and community management service is your brand's guardian, diligently monitoring your social media accounts for follower interactions, brand mentions, and reviews across newsfeeds, direct messages, and hashtags. Our team is dedicated to engaging with your audience, acknowledging and responding to questions, comments, inquiries, and recommendations, all while holding meaningful conversations to foster ongoing discussions. In addition, we immerse ourselves in what makes your product or service stand out, utilizing this information to strengthen relationships, build trust, and facilitate thoughtful conversations that humanize your brand, encourage positive interactions, inspire referrals, and generate repeat business.
We offer full-service social media management including: content development, posting to designated social media channels, dedicated advertising campaigns, social media audience building, monitoring and engagement on social media sites, and monthly progress reports.

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