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Small business social media

The 90-Day Formula for Generating Leads with Social Media! 

I’ve seen countless small businesses fail to find their footing with social media simply because they don’t understand how social media works or they treat it like any other marketing outlet. For businesses that have relied heavily on traditional media to market their products or services, social media may be an area where they find themselves charting new territory. Traditional media is a one-way communication to the audience. Social media is a conversation with the audience. This shifts the power from the marketing outlet to the consumer, which is both a scary and unfamiliar new place.

But social media does not have to be scary anymore!

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media provides small business owners with the tools necessary to create a game plan for success – regardless of where they’re at! This downloadable guide contains five modules each with a theory, an example of execution, and an exercise for crafting a successful social media game plan to meet your business goals.

These five modules will show you how to:

  • Determine the Appropriate Social Media Channels for Your Business
  • Build Your Audience
  • Plan Your Marketing Strategy
  • Develop Content with Zest
  • Manage Your Efforts with Ease

I’ve found that many business owners fail to realize their full social media potential because their goals are simplistic, misguided or unrealistic. In order to grow sales and attract new clients, you need to set specific social media goals that can be actualized within a short timeframe. This guide will give you the formula for achieving those goals and growing your business.

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