The Google Monster!


Nov 2011

The Google Monster!

This morning, I spoke to a group of HACC students. The students were ambassadors for the campus and they help to lead the rest of student body.  It was an honor to talk to such a gifted group of individuals. I decided to keep the presentation brief and focus on answering their specific social media questions. There was one gentleman who was silent during the...

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Aug 2011

Auto-DMs and @ Replies…When did robots take over?

By Matthew Hannaford, Business Development Manager for Strella Social Media Twitter is a great place to meet people and interact with consumers, friends, co-workers, and colleagues. However, the reason many businesses are on Twitter, and social media as a whole, is ultimately to drive consumers to a product or service. There are countless strategies that can be used to accomplish this end goal. Some businesses...

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Mar 2011

Made You Look! How to Increase Blog Readership and Interaction by Adding Visual Elements

The following is a guest spot by the fabulous, Cathy Jennings. There are a lot of blogs out there.  In fact, there’s a blog for just about everything and everyone that you can think of:  newshounds, entertainment junkies, hikers, dieters, foodies . . . even people who hate blogs (yep, it’s out there).  Your blog is just one of the 200 million blogs in existence trying...

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Feb 2011

Back to Basics: Answers to Your Social Media FAQ

Due to the overwhelming amount of technological and social media marketing questions that I regularly receive, I have decided to create a monthly Frequently Asked Questions post. On a scale of 1-5, based on difficulty level, the following would be a 1.5. Facebook Q.  I want a Facebook business page, but I heard I have to have personal page, too – how can I keep...

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Dec 2010

Social Media: Technology or People?

Small business owners often tell me that they are reluctant to embrace social media because of the technology involved.  Many do not believe they have the skills to conquer the technology needed to use social media sites. Fortunately, those skills can be learned, yet these are not the most important skills in utilizing social media effectively; it’s the people skills that are most vital to a...

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