2 Social Media Frustrations for Businesses: Are They Fixable?

Rachel Strella  -  Apr 20, 2014  -  , , , ,  -  No Comments
Any business using social media to market their service or product is likely to experience frustration at some point or another. Constant changes, emerging channels and fickle users can sometimes make social media a monster to navigate. I think many business owners can identify with these two… 1. Facebook Algorithm

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Should Your Business Abandon Facebook for Google+?

Rachel Strella  -  Dec 22, 2013  -  , , , ,  -  8 Comments
Last week, I broke down the recent Facebook changes and what they mean for your small business. Some businesses have considered abandoning Facebook in favor of channels that may give them a better return on their investment. I still take the position that we should “wait and see,” but I

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Google+ Authorship: What It Is, How It Works, and Why You Need It!

Rachel Strella  -  Jun 02, 2013  -  , , ,  -  6 Comments
It seems like a no-brainer that using a social media medium owned by Google would bolster your search engine results. But for those of you who think Google+ is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re only partially correct.  Simply having a Google+ profile and sharing content will only take

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SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science

Rachel Strella  -  Apr 07, 2013  -  , , , , , , ,  -  3 Comments
I recently read one of the most explanatory articles on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to-date. The blog, written by a guest author via Windmill Networking, broke down several complex SEO components in a way the average person can actually understand. There are many companies that continue trying to “scheme” Google,

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YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram: Will one of these supplemental social media channels work for you?

Rachel Strella  -  Mar 10, 2013  -  , , , , , ,  -  No Comments
Last week, I shared some guidelines for determining which of the “Big 3” social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – are best for meeting your business goals.  Today I want to explain a few of the popular supplemental media and how they can be useful to your social

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