The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success


Jan 2012

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

Just two months ago, my college friend Sierra Michael, started Justrust Clothing, a stylish Christian clothing line. In that time, she’s acquired much business success. I’m  articulary jealous of her ability to grow her Facebook fan base to a whopping 8,400+ fans! Sierra agreed to an interview for this blog to offer some business and marketing insight to the readership. Below is her Q&A. Click here to learn more...

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Oct 2011

Why You Should Accept My Facebook Friend Request

I often have clients that need advice about separating their personal and business contacts, especially on Facebook. However, I also advise against a big ‘separation.’ While I understand the need for privacy, I’m also an advocate for getting to know people.  It’s that human connection that allows people to get to know you, like you, trust you… and yes –eventually–buy from you. When I meet...

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Aug 2011

The Social Media Conundrum: Personal vs. Business

In any given day, I receive dozens of questions about social media. Here are answers to four questions I’ve been asked in the last few weeks: Question #1: I was having a conversation with someone today about whether or not it’s important to acquire friends and likes or if having likes only is most effective. Answer #1:   First, having a “friend” on your personal Facebook...

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Apr 2011

Protecting Your Privacy on Social Media: Answers to More FAQ

It’s time for more FAQ’s about social media. I’m excited to answer these questions because they are indeed concerns I receive often. In fact, I had several requests for the first two questions in the past month.  Our company believes Facebook is a threat to security. What should I do? People have been worried about Facebook for some time, but honestly you’re susceptible to privacy...

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